One last dance without you

Everybody knew me! Cute, funny, popular! I did not need some boy in my way! I am the lead cheerleader, top gymnist for gymnastics, and the best at volleyball. I was voted homecoming queen with oh, take a guess the most popular guy in the school Harry! I hate Harry but he loves me! What is going to happen?


1. the true love not to be

It was the start of junior year I knew it was going to be the best. We'll that's what everybody says anyway. Hi my name is Brooke Taylor. Me and my best friend rule the school with a velvet fist. No one will interfear with my year well not if I can help it anyway. My best friends name is Tessa shes the best! That girl is always there for me and always has my back and I have hers! Well 6:00am first day of school! So happy but I will miss summer. Oh well life moves on a little at a time.



*1 hour later



I pick Tessa up at her house in my new car. She looks! Great holy shit who is that I ask Tessa. She replied oh that's the new boy he is super cute and is single. Oh ok then I said slowly telling her she can have him.


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