One last dance without you

Everybody knew me! Cute, funny, popular! I did not need some boy in my way! I am the lead cheerleader, top gymnist for gymnastics, and the best at volleyball. I was voted homecoming queen with oh, take a guess the most popular guy in the school Harry! I hate Harry but he loves me! What is going to happen?


2. schools going great...maybe

I walked into school I looked sexy. I was wearing a skin tight super short skirt, my pink tank, and my black leather jacket. The boys whistled as they walked by me. Harry grabbed my ass I dident stop him. I needed it anyway. I hate Harry even though Tessa did not know that we used to date. I loved him and he is so sexy he cheated on me and I hated him for doing that. Then I moved away and he wanted me bad so I guess he moved here to. About 2 years to late! I looked so damn fine that's what Harry said anyway.


6hours later.......


srry cliff hanger I will update later tonight love you crazy penuts stay cRazy!

-Rachel Anderson


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