You Make Me Happy.

When sophomore Jessica gets an unexpected message from a cute boy her life changes. It is for better or for worse, you decide.


1. The beginning.

Even though summer was almost over I was in a great mood like always! I had plans later today to go school shopping with my friend Aubree and her boyfriend Jeremy. I was sitting at my vanity straightening my hair when I heard my computer beep. I unlocked it and opened Facebook, I had a message it was from Carter Renalds it read:
C: "Hey" 
Why would Carter message me? He was one of the hottest guys in school! I had always wanted to talk to him ever since I had freshman study hall with him last year. 
J: "Hi" I replied 

Within a few seconds he replied
C: "What's up?"
J: "Just getting ready to go to the mall, wbu?"
C: "Cool, I'm just hanging out with some friends."
J: "Fun. How's your summer been?"
C: "It's been alright. Hey you should text me sometime I have to get off
I stared at the message in disbelief, did that really just happen?
J: "Okay, I will (:"
I exited Facebook and called my best friend Katie she picked up after the third ring,
K: "Hey girlie! What's up?"
J: "You will never guess who just messaged me!"

K: "Who? Who?" 
J: "Carter Renalds, and he gave me his number"
K: "Woah! That's awesome! I'm so jealous, he's seriously so hot. Every girl wants him."

J: "Right, I was surprised he messaged me."

K: "Well you better message him! You got the number why not use it!"
J: "No, I'm not going to, it was probably just a mistake. Anyways I need to finish getting ready! I'll talk to you later." 
K: "Bye! I love you, have fun!"
J: "Love you too"
I hung up the phone, set it down and continued getting ready. When I finished I heard a honk outside my house. "Perfect timing" I thought to myself as I grabbed my phone and purse. 
"Bye mom I love you!" I yelled as I went out the front door. When we got to the mall we went straight to Pac Sun, which is my favorite store. I got a few shirts and some jeans. After shopping for a few hours we were all tired. We walked to the food court and sat at a table by the water fountain. A lot of people from my school were at the mall today, it was weird seeing so many familiar faces outside of school but one in particular caught my eye. It was Carter, he was sitting with his friends by Chic-Fil-A. I decided i'd make myself noticed. I got up from our table and walked towards Chic-Fil-A as I passed Carter and his friends I saw him looking my body up and down mainly focusing on my ass. (Everyone one says I have a nice ass and it's totally the truth.) I turned and our eyes met, he bit his lip and gave me a quick wink. Even though it was totally out of my character I smiled and winked back at him. 
While I was waiting in line I couldn't stop thinking about Carter... Why was he noticing me all of a sudden? Maybe i'd grown into my looks or something.My thought were abruptly interrupted by a hard slap on my ass, I turned quickly to see my ex-boyfriend Matt and his friends laughing. I gave him the death stare and he grinned at me.
"What the fuck is your problem?" I asked him anger in my voice.

"Nothing, you're just so hot I couldn't resist!" He winked at me, I was still very attracted to Matt, he was my first serious boyfriend and I fell head over heels for him, I sadly ended it when he started flirting with my friends.
"Don't touch me again, remember I broke up with you." 
I turned back around but within a few moments Matt grabbed my arm and turned me back around he slowly backed me up against the wall. Our faces were inches apart.
"Make me" he said practically whispering, the attraction was definitely still there. 

My eyes fluttered to his lips. He pressed his body against mine and closed the gap between our lips. For a moment I melted into him, into the kiss, it brought back so many good memories, then I snapped back to reality. I pushed him off of me and slapped him hard across the face. He stood frozen for a moment before walking away. I realized everybody's eyes were on me. I acted as if nothing happened got my food and walked back to my table. I sat down to eat and the whole time I was Aubree and Jeremy were making out. I had forgotten how annoying it was to third wheel especially with a couple like Aubree and Jeremy who can't keep their hands off each other. 

I was extremely relieved when I got home. I grabbed a snack from the fridge and went to my room. I changed into sweats and an over-sized shirt and logged into Facebook. I saw I had two messages, one from Carter and one from Matt.

I read the one from Matt first it read,
M: "Hey babe. I know you hate me because if what I did to you but I really regret it. Seeing you today brought back so many memories, and that kiss. I miss that. I miss you. I've changed and all I want is to be with you. You might not believe me but let me prove it to you. Lunch tomorrow?"
I didn't believe a single word he wrote but he was right, kissing him felt so good, so right. I replied,
J: "Yea lunch sounds good, pick me up at 12."
I closed his message and opened the one from Carter.
C: "Hey are you ok? I saw what happened today."
J: "Yes I'm fine, thanks for asking (:"
C: "Ya! No problem :)"

I read his message and didn't reply within a few minutes he messaged me again.
C: "Just to let you know, when I gave you my number I wanted you to use it ;)" 
Reading his message made my heart race, he used a winky face. Was he really flirting with me?
J: "Ha! Okay ;) I'll text you tomorrow."
I logged out of my Facebook and shut down my computer. Falling into my bed I wrapped myself in my blankets. I rolled over and looked at my alarm clock, it was 11pm. I rolled back over and drifted into sleep. The next morning I woke up to the loud ringing of my iphone. I reached to grab it off of my side table but instead I bumped it onto the floor. I leaned over, picked it up from the ground and answered it. It was Kacey, 
K: "Hey! I've been calling you for the part hour, I heard you were going to lunch with Matt and I had to know if it was true." 
J: "Yes I am. I saw him at the mall yesterday and some stuff happened..."
K: "Details please!"
J: "He kissed me that's all. It just brought back a lot of memories. Anyways I really need to shower and get ready I'll see you later today right?" 
K: "Yes! I can't wait! Bye!"
I hung up the phone and drug myself out of bed and into a hot shower. I did my hair in makeup in less time then usual then headed to the kitchen. My mom was making breakfast which was a big surprise to me as my mom was usually way too hungover to cook in the morning. 
"Hey Mom, I'm surprised to see you up this early." 
She laughed, "Well I didn't go out last night so I thought I'd cook you breakfast and spend a little time with you." 

"Awesome! I can't wait, I'll be in the living room call me when it's ready."
I pulled my phone out of my pocket and debated texting Carter, I mean what is there to lose. I opened his contacts and clicked send message, I wrote.
"Hey, It's Jessica."
I locked my phone and slid it back into my pocket.
"Breakfast is ready!" My mom yelled from the kitchen.

I walked and sat down at the table and started eating, my mom and I had a decent conversation for the first time in 2 weeks. It was nice, really nice.


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