Over My Head

I always wish that every problem in my life could be fixed just by listening to a song by The Fray, unfortunately it's not that easy.


1. Chapter One

[Note: All characters are written created by me, any characters that have any relation to real life people are a complete coincidence.]


Honestly, I wish all of my problems could vanish after listening to a song by The Fray or any shitty indie "feel good" band, unfortunately the world doesn't work that way. Don't we all wish it could work like that? Unless you are the rare type of person who is brave enough to overcome your fears and problems physically and mentally, you have no issue. The rest of us consider you lucky. I for one like to avoid my problems, but that creates another issue, they build up to high, just like a wall, and soon enough it comes crashing down on top of me.

The least of my problem wasnt school, but the people that go there are my main problem.The halls literally reek of desperation, and people. It's high school, what did you expect, for it to smell like your favorite shop at the mall? Definately not.

Walking to school sucks, mostly when it's below 10 degrees outside. It's not exactly my vision of a perfect way to start my day. School isnt really the place I would like to spend my Friday morning at today. Just like any other antisocial teenager, I would like to be spending my week at home, listening to music and reading.

I checked the time on my phone, 7:30. There's was still ten more minutes until everyone could go inside, and it seems like i'll be just on time to go in. I walked in the part of town that not many people walked through to get to school, except for a few middleschoolers. Just like any other day I walked while listening to some of my favorite playlists on 8tracks, theres a playlist for everything. At the moment I was listening to some playlist full of songs by All Time Low. The music volume would go down everytime I got a text from my friends asking, "are you coming?" By the time my playlist came to an end I was at school and standing with one of my friends.

"Hey Samantha."

"Hey Andy."

My friends never call me anything but 'Samantha', they say that calling me Sam is basically like calling me a boy, considering the fact that there are alot of guys at our school named Sam. On the other hand, I almost never call Andy by her actual name. We were still talking when the bell rang, signalling that it was time to go inside. We walked together still talking about the latest posts on instagram by the people we hate, then laughing as we pass them in the halls.


[A/N: Hello! This is um, my first story that i'm actually going to try to commit to. Most of the people in this story are basically based off my friends in my school and the people I don't really like alot. So I hope you enjoy it becase this could get interesting...]


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