"Hi my name is Diana Moores. And I have been bullied and abused. My parents don't care about me. So basically I have been living with my best friend Kasey. We have been friends since we were 4 years old. I have been cutting myself for 2 years now." To find out more read!


3. Where am I?

Diana's POV

When I woke up I was in a unfamiliar room. When I tried to move I was unable to move. I looked down to see a pair of muscular arms around my waist. I turned to look at who it was am I was really surprised to see who it was. Niall? Why am I in bed with Niall? What happened last night? Oh god I hope I didn't do anything stupid! Niall's eyes slowly fluttered open.

"Morning Love" Niall said in his raspy morning voice.

"Um, not to be rude but where am I?" I asked.

"Oh last night I was walking around the park and saw you and you were crying into your friends shoulder. So I took over and offered for you two to come and stay here for the night" he said a little awkwardly.

"Oh okay then," I started less confused "Morning!"

"Since we're up why don't we get ready and go down stairs and eat something?" Niall asked.

"Okay" I started then realized something "Wait I don't have any clothes with me."

"Oh your friend Kasey went to go and get you two stuff" Niall stated.

"Oh then I will get ready" I said as I grabbed my clothes and walked into the bathroom.

I soon emerged from the bathroom wearing this:

Niall was sitting in the room dressed and was waiting on me. When he saw me he couldn't stop staring.

"Take a picture it lasts longer" I said sarcastically.

He took out his phone and took a picture. He chuckled. I had a slight flushed face. I had giggled after a few seconds. He stood up and I took the opritunity. I pulled out my phone and took a picture of Niall. He had a shocked face in the photo. I burst out laughing.

"Oh no you didn't!" Niall said.

"Oh yes I did!" I said back.

He had started chasing me round and I was screaming. When Niall caught me he started tickleing me.

"Stop!.... Niall..... Please!" I yelled.

The door soon burst open revealing the worried faces of Liam, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Kasey.

"Niall we thought that you were killing her!" Lou yelled.

"Oh God Niall! Why?! You scared the shit out of me!" Zayn yelled at Niall.

"Haha, Sorry guys!" I said to them.

"Just don't scare us like that again" Kasey said as she took a deep breath.

"Okay. I'm sorry" I started "But I'm starving!!"

They giggled and looked at Niall he nodded in agreement. I laughed and so did Niall.

"Nando's!" me and Niall yelled as we ran out to the car.

~Skip car ride~

When we arrived Niall and I ran straight into the restaurant.

"Hello, How many?" the waiter asked.

"Seven please" I said as sweetly as I could.

"Okay follow me Please?" he said as he walked away.

Me and Niall followed the man and we talked about random stuff. We were sat down at a booth and we had a very deep conversation after we had ordered.

"Hey where's everyone else?" I asked.

"They were supposed to be here with us" I said.

"I'll call Liam" Niall said pulling out his phone and dialing Liam's number.

"I'll call Kasey" I said as I called Kasey.

~Phone conversation~

"Hello?" K

"Hey, Where are you and the boys?" me

"Oh we had stayed at the house" K

"Why?" me

"Because you two left without us" K said giggling

"Oh" I said giggling to

"Yeah well we already ordered. So you have to find out your own way here" I said.

"Okay then we will meet you there in about twenty minutes." K

"Okay see you soon!" me

~End phone conversation~

Niall was looking at me with that adorable grin he always has.

"What?" I asked with a stupid grin on my face.

"Oh well I just got off the phone with Liam and he said that he and the rest were left behind. So lets eat all of our food and leave before they get here" Niall said with a mischievous grin on his face.

"Alright lets do it!" I said and scarfed all of my food, which is about 6 plates.

Niall did the same. After we finished we paid and left before any of the others got here.

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