"Hi my name is Diana Moores. And I have been bullied and abused. My parents don't care about me. So basically I have been living with my best friend Kasey. We have been friends since we were 4 years old. I have been cutting myself for 2 years now." To find out more read!


2. Weird

Niall's POV

I have this strange feeling. I feel like I need to cut myself. That's weird I have never felt this feeling before. I think I need to tell the lads.

"Lads?" I asked.

"Yes Nialler?" Liam replied.

"I think I need to go outside. Will I be able to?" I asked not wanting to seem weird.

I didn't even wait for an answer I just walked outside and started to walk around the park. I was walking for a while until I heard someone crying. I walked to where I heard the sound. That's when I saw them.

"Shhh, It's okay Diana" the girl with purple hair said to the one named Diana.

"Hello? Is she okay?" I asked the girl.

"Um, I don't know she wont tell me" she said back to me.

"Could I?" I asked gesturing to the crying girl.

"Sure" she said as she got up I sat down next to the crying girl and wrapped my arms around her and let her cry into my chest.

"Shh, Love it's going to be alright" I said reassuringly to her.

"I'm Kasey by the way" the girl who was standing next to me.

"I'm Niall" I said.

"From One Direction?" she asked excitedly.

"Yes but please don't scream" I said as I chuckled.

"I wont but when she stops crying she might be a little surprised that your holding her" Kasey said with a little giggle.

*1 hour later*

She had stopped crying and I think that she fell asleep in my arms.

"I think she fell asleep" Kasey said giggling.

"If you would like you two can stay with me for the night" I said not really wanting to let go of the girl.

"I live around the corner and she was supposed to stay with me for a while." Kasey said.

"Come on it will just be for a while." I said in my most convincing tone.

"Oh alright where do you live?" she asked as she sighed.

"I actually live right over there. Where those condos are" I say as I point to where me and the boys live.

~Skip walk~

When I open the door I hear four sets of foot steps come towards the door.

"Niall?!" I heard Liam ask.

"Yeah its me but be quiet we have guests" I say back.

"Oh who are they?" Lou asks as they walk in.

"This is Kasey and...." I had started and leaned over to Kasey to ask who the girl I was holding named.

"Hi I'm Kasey and the girl Niall is holding is Diana" Kasey said to the lads.

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