"Hi my name is Diana Moores. And I have been bullied and abused. My parents don't care about me. So basically I have been living with my best friend Kasey. We have been friends since we were 4 years old. I have been cutting myself for 2 years now." To find out more read!


7. I Love You

Niall's POV

When we got to the park Diana ran to the swings.

"Niall come and push me" Diana calls out.

I go over to her and push her on the swing. We had talked for a while. We joked around. After all that we went out to dinner.

"Niall?" she asks

"Yes?" I ask

"This has been the best date ever" she cheers

I chuckle and wrap my arms around her as we walked back to the house for a movie night. I kissed her cheek and let go of her. She entwined our fingers together.

"Niall? Can we play 20 questions?" she asks me

"Of course babe" I say

"Favorite month?" her

"September. Favorite restraint?" me

"Nandos. Best mate?" her

"Zayn. Birthday?" me

"April 25. Favorite telly show?" her

"SpongeBob. You?" me

"SpongeBob. injure anything?" her

"My knee. Favorite member of One Direction?" me

"Hmmmmm, I would have to say Zayn!" she says

I clutch my chest and pretend to look hurt.

"Aw! Nialler has always been my favorite!" she says as she kisses my cheek.

~12 questions later~

"Alright last question. Will you be my girlfriend?" I ask Diana

"Yes!" she cheers as she jumps on my back.

~At boys' condo~

When we enter the condo I instantly see the boys. They were waiting for us by the door.

"Hey" I greet them

"Diana, Do you want to come watch the telly with me? So the boys can talk to Niall?" Zayn asks

"Um, Sure" she says and walks into the other room with Zayn

"So?" I say

Zayn's POV

I walked with Diana to the lounge to watch the telly. When we got there we plopped on the sofa and I turned on SpongeBob. We watched it for a while until I got a little antsy. I turned to Diana and made her face me.

"Diana I think I might like Kasey" I blurt

Her eyes go wide. She smiles a huge grin and hugs me.

"Zayn! You are her favorite member! She has loved you from the start!" she cheers.


Hey! Sorry for the late update and it being short! I have been really busy lately. I apologize!

<3 Lovexxbugxx

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