What a girl Want's

Mary has never been popular but when she makes big changes in her life her life completely changes and she become the most popular girl in school


4. Just follow what we do

Mary woke up at 5.30 in the morning and got ready for school she pulled on a Hollister sweat shirt , some juicy skinny jeans ,and her white flats. when Mary was finished  getting ready she grabbed a banana and walked out the door to her Camaro and headed to school. when Mary got to school two girls named Jessie, and  Brook tapped her should and asked her to come over to their house so they could give her a makeover. When Marry got to Jessie, and Brooks house they were all ready pulling Marry in to a  office chair to do her hair they straightened her hair and added some highlights to marrys hair. Next they spray tanned Mary tell she was a golden brown color. Last marry looked into the looking glass and said is this really me she asked her self wow im so pretty

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