What a girl Want's

Mary has never been popular but when she makes big changes in her life her life completely changes and she become the most popular girl in school


2. Getting ready for school

Mary "wake up" her mother yelled across the hallway. Mary acted like she did not hear her mother which made her mother really mad. Mary finally woke up at 6:30 am and walked quietly down stairs to make her breakfast which consist of eggs, cheerios, and coffee. After Mary ate her breakfast she ran to the bathroom to take a quick shower before any one else  hogged the bathroom. After her shower she brushed her long black curly hair into a ponytail, and did her makeup which consist of  foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and finally lip gloss. Next Mary ran to her bedroom and opened up her huge walk in closet she picked out a pair of juicy skinny jeans, and a Hollister floral tank. For shoes She choose Her black vans. Soon Mary was out the door and climbed into her black Camaro and headed to school.



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update sorry this chapter was short this was basically a trial chapter to see if you like this book so far if you could give me some ideas to put in this book that would be great and PS I am very new to writing on movellas I really like some of the books people write on here so I decided to start making stories of my own on here I will also except co authors to help me write and edit the book comment if you want to be a co author love bree3344!!!!       

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