What a girl Want's

Mary has never been popular but when she makes big changes in her life her life completely changes and she become the most popular girl in school


3. First day of school (Mary)

As Mary pulled into the school she parked her Camaro trying to forget what happened her freshmen year. She walked into first period with confidence and smiled. At the end of the day Mary had all met two boys that gave her their phone numbers and two girls that said they would help her become popular like they are. When Mary got home she smelled her mothers cooking that consist of a juicy steak,green peppers, and mushrooms "yum" Mary said as she walked into the kitchen to say hello to her mother her mother replied with a smile and said "hello, and Mary I also want you to watch your little sister make sure she does not stay up to late". Mary replied with a sigh and said "fine I will watch Kelly she is usually good for me anyways". her mother replied "your stepfather is working late and so am I we probably won't be back tell 3.00am " all Mary said was "ok ". Just then Kelly and her little friends Jenna, and ,Katie walked in the door. All three of them said "gross" when they saw what was for dinner. All her mother said "was there is chicken nuggets, fries in the oven ,and also corn in the fridge from last night have your sis nuke that in the micro wave happy now" Kelly replied with a snotty tone saying "yes mother I am" every on said good bye to Marylyn (Mary/Kelly mother) as she walked out the door. Marry took out her sister's food and sat it on the counter. Then marry helped her self to the meal that her mother made and headed up to her room and started text Baylee good night and fell right asleep.



update: thanks for the 29 reads I really appreciate .it I hope you guys continue to read this book and like it if I continue the next chapter I want about 35 reads and at least one like because im new also don't feel afraid to comment on which you think of the book you can leave ideas and also I accept coauthors about 2 to three and PS this chapter  is longer than the last because I want to make my readers happy

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