I'm Not Your Fool

Rachel and Keaton have been together for 2 years. They're always together. They even live together! (With Wes and Drew, of course). Come along with Rachel and Keaton as they face a bunch of challenges. Will they stay together? Or will everything just fall apart?


1. Fall For You


                                                                CHAPTER ONE




                     "Do you remember how we met?" I asked my boyfriend, Keaton. "How could I forget?" He asked with a laugh. "I mean, it was only the best day of my life." he kissed my cheek and I began thinking about it:


                     "Uhm, sorry, can you tell me where Miss. MacDonalds's English class is?" I closed my locker and turned around. "Oh, me?" I asked. He nodded. "Sure! I'm in that class right now too!" I agreed. He smiled. Okay, he's REALLY cute. "It's right here." I said, walking in. We were the first ones in there, besides Miss. MacDonald. He introduced himself to her. "Hi, I'm Keaton." He told her. "Hello, Keaton! You can take a seat wherever you'd like." She said, smiling. He chose the seat next to me in the back. Ever since that day, we've been together.


                    "I seriously remember that day like it was yesterday." He said with a sigh. "Remember the day I met Wes and Drew? Oh god. That was a good day." I said smiling. He laughed. "You mean the day Wes made us play truth or dare and he made us make out in the woods..?" He asked. "Yes! And then we snuck up on them and scared them! And they almost shit they're pants?" I said going into hysterics. We both sat there laughing for about 3 minutes straight, until Wes walked in. He looked at us like we were crazy. "What's so funny?" He asked, jumping on the couch next to me. We both laughed even harder, if that's even possible. Wesley coughed. "Idiots." He walked in the kitchen with Drew.



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