Take a Bow

Chasing Fame,
Chasing Love,
Chasing a Future.
Emme, Perrie, Zayn and Niall are all students at a preforming arts school, where talent is the norm and fame is the goal. But sometimes, being in the spotlight isn't as important as the people your sharing it with-as four of them are going to find out. (It will include the other boy's in the story, there just not main characters. Also the idea's for this story aren't completely mine.)


2. The Auditions (Zayn)


My life has been one big audition. I can't even remember the first audition my mom dragged me to. It was for a diaper commercial back when we lived in LA. I was six months old. While most kids first memories are of playing with friends, mine are of sitting in cold reception areas waiting for my name to be called. The only plus side was that after I auditioned, my mom rewarded me with McDonald's. That was the only time I ever truly felt like a normal kid.

After I got cast in the first Kavalier Kids movie, I didn't have to go on that many auditions. The roles came to me. By the tie I was nine, I was on the cover of  People Magazine and a presenter at the Oscars, the basic go-to kid for cute. I was the on-screen "son" of every big-name actor. I've worked with the best. And with the Kavalier Kids franchise, I was featured on countless lunch boxes, pillowcases, Happy meals - you name it, my face was on it. ( I don't think I've recovered yet from seeing my toothy grin on a roll of toilet paper. Really, toilet paper. Apparently the studio's marketing division had no shame.)

I'd shoot a big-time movie during the spring and a Kavalier Kids movie in the fall ( for a major summer release.) And even though my childhood was anything but normal, I look back fondly on the  Kavalier Kids movies. The other child actors were like friends to me. At least they seemed like my friends, or what friends should be. But we only hung out on set. There were no sleepovers or pizza parties, just on-set tutors and line readings.

Things were great, but then there was a - let's call it an altercation between my mom and the producer. I got kicked off the franchise.  new wave of cute kids came to Hollywood and I was relegated to being featured guest star on network crime shows.

So I made a decision. It was the only thing that scared mom more than anything, even more that crow's-feet and taxicabs. And it wasn't moving to New York City or starring in a soap opera that was "beneath" me. No. we did those things so I could do the thing that was even scarier to mom: High School.

yes, Zayn Malik, former child megastar and current soap opera actor, wants to go to school.

but as i sit in the hallway at the New York City High School for the Creative and Preforming arts, I know this isn't a normal school. It's one of the most prestigious preforming arts high schools in the country. I knew i could convince my mom to let me go if I talked about how this would help me with my craft. 

Yes, I actually used the word 'craft' to describe what i do. But my "craft" is more on a par with the caricature artists in times square than with a true artist.

I play pretend. I've been doing it my entire life. I've been doing it so long, I don't even know who I am anymore. I'm more comfortable being someone else than being me. I don't even feel like me when I "Zayn Malik." The paparazzi were waiting outside the school today when I arrive, and I flashed that famous grin at them . . . but that wasn't me. That was a role.

As we wait for my name to be called, I glance at mom hiding behind her oversize glasses. She didn't seem all that surprised to see the photographers outside. gee, I wonder who leaked that my audition was today? It's not like being on a soap opera gets you a ton of press, but when you were the biggest box office draw at age ten, people like to follow you around. See what you're up to. It's like my life is a never-ending episode of Where Is He Now?

At least I've gotten used to the attention. Im really good at blocking it out. Plus, it helped me get a role on a show that only requires me to work a few hours a week. This way I stay on television to appease my mom and I get to go to school for me. 

I'm not even nervous as I wait for my name to be called. Stepping onto that stage and reciting my two monologues (one from Our Town and the other from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown) will be easy. That's a normal day for me. But the though of getting to go to school is what makes me nervous.

What's ironic is that mom is the one who doesn't want me to go to school. She thinks I won't be prepared to handle being in school with other kids.

let's see, I've spent my entire life being judged, critiqued and picked apart. I think I'm more ready for high school than anybody could be.






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