Take a Bow

Chasing Fame,
Chasing Love,
Chasing a Future.
Emme, Perrie, Zayn and Niall are all students at a preforming arts school, where talent is the norm and fame is the goal. But sometimes, being in the spotlight isn't as important as the people your sharing it with-as four of them are going to find out. (It will include the other boy's in the story, there just not main characters. Also the idea's for this story aren't completely mine.)


3. The Auditions (Perrie)


It's all going according to plan.

This audition is just one more box to check off on Perrie's plan to Super-stardom.

Basically, the list so far has consisted of me preforming at  every possible talent show, wedding, sporting vent, bar mitzvah, birthday party, ext., in the Brooklyn area (check!), getting Emme to write me a can't-lose original song for my audition (check!), and getting into CPA.

Of course, once I'm accepted, I'll have my work cut out for me. I'm not that naive. So once I get in I need to become the star pupil, land the lead in every play, get the most coveted spot in the senior Showcase, and then get a record contract by the time I graduate.

I will have a Grammy before i turn twenty. Even if it kills me.

I'm not even nervous. are you kidding me? I LOVE being onstage. I LOVE the glow of the spotlight. It's the waiting that's killing me.

i look around and notice a few other contenders for the vocal department at CPA from different talent contests that I've done . . . and won. They've got nothing on me and they know it.

All the singers (at least in Brooklyn) are jealous of me. While they'll be auditioning with songs from west side story, My Fair lady, and The Sound of Music, I have an original Emme Connelly song written just for me.

For a second, just a second, my stomach drops. I hope Emme gets in. Her audition for the  music composition program is in a couple weeks althought her acceptance(or rejection) won't really afect my plan. She'll still write songs for me. It would just be easier if she would also be at my school. Don't get me wrong, she's talented enough to get in, but being center stage really isn't her thing. She gets nervous.

Not everybody can be a natural.

"Perrie Edwards"

I hear my name and enter the auditorium. I can't wait to show the panel what I'm capable of. I'm ready to move on with my Plan and be a star that I know I am

This is just one small step.


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