Keili Payne, sister to Liam Payne, moves in with him and the other One Direction boys. She's really good friends with all of them, but there's one that she feels drawn to: Louis. When they get together, however, another member develops feelings for her. While the other boy fights for Keili, she must deal will a certain problem that is trying to ruin her relationship with Louis.


10. Will You Marry Me?

~Over the next few weeks, I started getting fatter. I was worried, so I took a pregnancy test. There was a little blue +. I was pregnant. Oh my god, how am I going to tell Louis?
So i decided to just outright tell him. “Louis, can I talk to you in the room?” I asked.
“Sure, babe.” he responded. He followed me into our room, and said, “What’s up?”
“Louis... I’m pregnant.” I said.
After a moment’s silence, he said, “Oh my god. Really??”
“Yeah.” I nodded.
“OMG, we need to get everything ready!!! We need to think of names!! We need to tell the boys!! *GASP* we need to tell the fans!!!!” he said.
“Oh my god, Louis, calm down. One thing at a time.” I said, laughing.
We told the boys, Louis tweeted:
“We need names for a baby. @KeiliPayne.”
He took me to the doctor, and soon it was time to find out what is was.
It was a girl!!!! OMG, I’ve always wanted a girl!!!
Louis was so happy. He grinned mischieveously and led me to a small park. There was a gazebo, and he told me to stand in the middle of it. He got down on one knee.
“Keili, I know we’ve had our issues,but I’m ready to put them behind us and raise our baby girl together. Keili Payne, will you marry me?” He said, pulling out a silver ring with a diamond on it.
“Yes, Yes, Yes, of course!!!”
Then he got up, put the ring on my finger, and kissed me.
Then we went home. I posted a picture of the ring on twitter.
Fans were excited. We also decided on our baby’s name. Her name was Callie. Callie Diane Tomilnson.

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