Keili Payne, sister to Liam Payne, moves in with him and the other One Direction boys. She's really good friends with all of them, but there's one that she feels drawn to: Louis. When they get together, however, another member develops feelings for her. While the other boy fights for Keili, she must deal will a certain problem that is trying to ruin her relationship with Louis.


2. Pancakes & Parks

I woke up to the faint smell of..... pancakes??? PANCAKES!!!!!!!! Pancakes were my absolute favorite food in the whole world, and I'm pretty sure Liam told the boys. So that means either him or one of the other lads had made them especially for me. As I basically dragged myself off the couch, I fixed my hair and rubbed my eyes. I tiptoed into the kitchen. Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn were sitting at the table. That meant Harry was making the pancakes.

They opened their mouths to speak, but I silently held a finger to my lips, to shush them. I then snuck up, quietly, behind Harry, and as soon as he turned around, scared the living crap out of him. "OH. MY. FREAKING. GOD." he said, and he truly looked scared out of his mind. "WHAT THE HECK KEILI!!! YOU SCARED THE HECK OUT OF ME! Oh, and thanks, guys, I really appreciate you guys warning me."

I giggled nonstop. We ate our pancakes. Then Liam said, "How about we go to the park today?"

"OMG, really?? That sounds like fun!!!" I said, happily.

So, we finished our pancakes and I went to go get dressed. I put on a flowing blue top and red skinny jeans. I fixed my hair, and applied makeup. I didn't wear a lot, just a little bit of mascara and lip gloss.

When everyone was ready, we headed off to the park. There was a little kiddy park that had swings a jungle gym and seesaws. I ran off towards it screaming "Weeeeeeeee!!!!!!" in a high pitched kid voice. Louis followed behind, followed by the other boys. Louis pushed me on the swings, and then I showed how flexible I was by hanging from my legs on the jungle gym and then twisting my whole body back up in a backflip. Then I did a cartwheel.

 We played hide and seek, too. Liam was counting. I ran off behind a abandoned building nearby, and hid on the wall. I couldn't hear Liam counting anymore, but I could hear slow, quiet footsteps heading my way. I held my breath. "BOO!" Louis screamed quietly, making me almost scream out loud. He was cracking up silently, and since his laugh was so contagious, I laughed with him. Then we both got quiet. We stared at each other for a while. Then he did something I didn't expect. He leaned forward, and kissed me. Softly and hesitantly at first, but when I kissed back, he deepened the kiss. The kiss seemed to go on forever.

It would have too. If Liam hadn't rounded the corner and seen us, grinning. "Found you guys."

We laughed and Liam walked in front of us back to the others. We hung back for a few minutes, and Louis looked at me with the most serious expression I have ever seen. "Will you go out with me?" he asked. I nodded. "Of Course, Boobear." I said, smiling. He smiled back and we walked back, holding hands.

When we got to the others, they saw our hand holding and Niall asked, "Are you guys dating now?" I nodded, laughing lightly. Everyone looked very happy for us.

Everyone except Harry.

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