Keili Payne, sister to Liam Payne, moves in with him and the other One Direction boys. She's really good friends with all of them, but there's one that she feels drawn to: Louis. When they get together, however, another member develops feelings for her. While the other boy fights for Keili, she must deal will a certain problem that is trying to ruin her relationship with Louis.


11. Baby Girl

We decided to have the wedding a week after Callie is born. Because I am NOT looking fat in a wedding dress.

Gemma was my maid of honor. Harry was Louis' best man. Niall, Liam, and Zayn were the groomsmen. Perrie was one of my bridesmaids. I still needed the other bridesmaids. That's when I met Niall's sister, Shayla. She looked just like him. Blonde hair, blue eyes. She was crazy, and funny. She and Harry fell in love and they have been dating for a month now. I was 8 months pregnant. They got together when I was 7 months. Me and Shayla became good friends.

But then I met Amanda Styles. Harry's other sister. The reason I hadn't met her before was because she was away at college. She was incredibly smart, and had an obsession with all things Batman. Weird, right? Amanda had curly brown hair, like Harry, but she straightened it every night. Amanda had this ginormous crush on Niall, and Liam. Her crush on Liam was bigger though, and you could tell they were meant for each other right from the start. Her and Liam often talked about things we 'wouldn't understand'. (BATMAN)

 Her and Liam have been dating for 6 weeks. So Shayla, Amanda, and Perrie were my bridesmaids, and Gemma was my maid of honor.

A few weeks later, my water broke. So I was rushed to the hospital. There, I gave birth to Callie Diane Tomilnson.

After the wedding, the boys had to go on tour (sadly) and I stayed home with Callie. Louis wanted me and Callie to go on tour with them, but I decided Callie was too young, and maybe when she was older.

My life was perfect.

                 THE END.

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