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Hello, thank you for clicking on this digital book of poetry. These are in no way final. I may rewrite them some day and repost them, these are what just comes to mind whenever I listen to music or as dreams and I do apologize if any of this offends you I in no way want to offend anyone. So, thank you if you take the time to read anyone of these in your busy day. Thank you.


13. Tired


I’m tired,


I’m tired of having to put up with such childish people.


I’m tired of becoming someone who shall be taken advantage of.


I’m tired of smiling and saying ‘yes’, when I want to scream and yell ‘No!’


I’m tired of not being happy, just because you said so.


I’m tired of everyone that is shaping me into someone I don’t want to become.

But, most of all, I’m tired of humans

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