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Hello, thank you for clicking on this digital book of poetry. These are in no way final. I may rewrite them some day and repost them, these are what just comes to mind whenever I listen to music or as dreams and I do apologize if any of this offends you I in no way want to offend anyone. So, thank you if you take the time to read anyone of these in your busy day. Thank you.


24. Hello hello, hello




hey! it's denka!


to those who are not following me I'd like to inform you all that I will be leaving this site. and no I don't mean I'm going to take a brake, but I mean, I'm going to leave and delete my account. I honestly hate the path this site is going down, and now I feel like it's very amateurish and lacks visual presentation. Now I'm not saying this place is trash, no not at all. I just feel it is so hard to find good stories on this site, to the point where everything is: rape this, [insert famous person(s) ] is my new sibling(s)?!?!?1?! that. the usual that you can find on this site if you just click stories. Now I know I'm not one to talk because I never wrote well to begin with. but, I just dislike this site now to the point where I pretend I don't write anymore....and that's bad for me. reason also is because I've been creating a comic and learning how to use a digital tablet.... but I'm sure none of you want to hear about this. [sorry] and to those who still want to read poetry that has been piling up on my desk and not posted please tell me I can link you to my Archive of our Own poetry [which is way more updated to be honest] so you can enjoy reading there.


I want to thank everyone who's enjoyed my work these past few years and stuck with my bad writing until today. thank you very much. and this picture is a way of showing thanks!



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