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Hello, thank you for clicking on this digital book of poetry. These are in no way final. I may rewrite them some day and repost them, these are what just comes to mind whenever I listen to music or as dreams and I do apologize if any of this offends you I in no way want to offend anyone. So, thank you if you take the time to read anyone of these in your busy day. Thank you.


16. Alice's Cat

Once upon a time,

Not long ago,

When Alice had a cat,

Who was dark as snow,

Whose yellow gleaming eyes reflected his soul.

And yet, it wasn’t long ago

When Alice met her cousin,

Whose view of fun,

Surely wasn’t pure and bright as snow.

Whose thoughts reflected his soul,

And torment excited him all the way to his core.

Yet Alice, who was pure in mind,

Thought that is would be nice,

To show him her cat,

Whom she loved so.

But still, I tell you, it wasn’t long ago,

When her cries excited him

As he  D







 Her cat into the pot

Of burning dye

The sounds of poor Alice’s cries

Merged with those of the cat

As she rescued the kitten,

That was now a hue of pink

But still, words couldn’t describe the way Alice felt

As the kitten laid in her palms giving her a weak mew

And the sounds of her cousin’s laughter,

Echoed off the kitchen walls.

As he ran from the angry girl

Hoping that the fun wouldn’t stop there.

And now, I’ll tell you, this only happened a while ago

When the kitten healed,

And Alice had to wait until the fur grew out,

That her cousin thought of a better way

To paint Alice of a terrified face.

He waited until Alice was summoned

So he could get hold of the petrified kitten,

And just as she placed the kitten

On its soft bed wishing she could bring it along,

Her cousin grabbed the kitten

Pulling it into his room

Where tattered dolls laid on the frozen ground

He pull the scissors off the table top

And shoved the kitten onto large bed

Where his disturbing face was the last thing the kitten saw

Before his world was dyed in black.

Alice’s cries echoed off the wall

As she searched for her kitten

Until her cousin opened his door

Throwing the blind kitten in her arms

Telling her that it was all her fault

That taking care of small animal

Took much, much more work

And that maybe so, that kitten would never breathe again

Because the golden eyes that reflected his soul

Were taken away and claimed by another

Because gold, was the color he’d always wanted

And to him

A kitten was worthless.

And now the kitten has been granted a body

Through his wishes of taking what’s rightfully his

And so this is the battle between the king

And the cat.







So, this is actually still very rough and it's a poem that I'm going to use for my wonderland story :DD

yeah, I'm currently planning it and it's still in the making but, once I finalize it I hope you all read it

[anyways if it doesn't bother you I'm still trying to name the characters (message me if you'd like to help! Onegai?!)]



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