The Rocky Road to Dublin

People say they're in love, with someone they hardly know. Or someone they only just met. Or saw. Or kissed. So many presumptions of love.
But it's not true. There's the type of love that's not really love, you just think it is. Where he loves you and treats you like you want him to and makes you breakfast in bed. And you think you love him.
Then there's another kind. Where he hates you sometimes and you hate him and you want to hurt eachother so badly so you can make the other feel better afterwards.
Maybe that's love.
Or maybe not.


1. In the Beginning

There were days where he would look out his car window and slam on the brakes after seeing the back of a girls head and thinking it was her. But no. Her hair was a lighter shade of strawberry-blonde. There were days when he'd sit on top of the crumbling stone wall and wait for her, only for her to never arrive.



There were days when she'd crawl into her bed with his shirt balled up against her cheek, waiting for the tears to come. There were days when she'd sit outside and string daisies into her hair in case she ever saw him again, only to have the daisies come undone.


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