His Twins-One Direction Fanfiction

My name is Bella. His name is Harry. We met at a party. We got really drunk one day. It all happened so quickly. Now I'm left alone...with his twins....while he's being pampered by Taylor Swift and eating fancy meals. I'm over here on the other side of the world taking care of Lillian and Elouise.


2. The Mansion

I'm Bella. My name means beautiful in Spanish. I have wavy, brown hair and brown eyes. I was invited to a party tomorrow. The party is going to be at Zayn's house. It's 10:00 pm. I asked my parents if I could go. They said that I could go to Zayn's party. One condition though, Danielle had to go. Danielle is “responsible” for me. I've never gotten that drunk. Have I? Okay so one time I almost married this guy. Yeah, point is never leave me at a party all alone. I went to sleep thinking about the party.


I woke up around 8:00 am. I quickly picked out my outfit for the day. I picked out a heart cutout lace skater dress with some Repetto The Cendrillon crotcheted lace ballet flats. I grabbed my fuzzy blue towel. I walked to the bathroom and quickly showered. I shampooed my hair with vanilla smelling shampoo and washed my body with body wash that smelled like strawberries. I hopped out of the shower and wrapped my body in the fuzzy blue towel. I walked into my room. I grabbed my bra and matching knickers. I quickly grabbed my dress and put it on. I grab my shoes and quickly put them on too. I stand up and get my mascara. I put on light mascara. I then put on some light lipstick. I get my phone and play music, which is on Pandora. My iPhone 5s blasts the music of Taylor Swift's Fifteen. I love this song but I hate her. She went to my high school and she was known as the whore. She dated more guys in one year than you will in your whole lifetime. One time she dated 22 guys. Yeah that's one of the reasons the song is called 22. I curled my brown locks. I heard a knock on the door.

“What?” I yell.

“Are you ready yet? Are you still naked or can I come in?” Luke asks.

“Yes, I am ready. I'm not naked and yes you may come in,” I say curling my wavy hair. Luke comes in wearing a blue shirt, black jeans, blue Jordan's, and a bow tie. He looked handsome. He walked by me and fixed my lipstick. Yes, he's quite girly. He quickly, but perfectly, fixed my lipstick and mascara.

“Why do you wear makeup?” Luke asks.

“Cause I want to look pretty,” I say in a 'duh' tone.

“You are perfect without makeup,” he says making me blush.

“See, you already have blush. You don't need anything to look prettier. You could be wearing sweats and a tank and you would still look perfect,” he says making me turn as red as a stop sign. I laugh. Jai and Beau come in.

“You look...” Jai looks for the right words.

“Amazingly-” Beau says being cut off by Luke.

“Perfect,” Luke says. I turn another shade brighter, if possible.

“Are we leaving or...” I say walking out to the car, a red Lamborghini. The boys follow me. I get in the back and Jai and Luke get in the front. Beau is in the back with me.

“If anyone does anything to you call us and we'll beat their a-” Beau says being cut off by Luke.

“Language!” he yells.

“Butts,” says Beau. I giggle. After about ten minutes we arrive at a huge mansion.

Hey so how is it? Should I continue? Comment please.

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