His Twins-One Direction Fanfiction

My name is Bella. His name is Harry. We met at a party. We got really drunk one day. It all happened so quickly. Now I'm left alone...with his twins....while he's being pampered by Taylor Swift and eating fancy meals. I'm over here on the other side of the world taking care of Lillian and Elouise.


4. Jake's back!

*inappropriate things in this chapter*

Hey it's Bella again! Well let me explain what happened yesterday. Well what happened is that I kissed Harry...three times. Keaton got dumped by me. Louis also was kissed by Keaton. Oops, my fault. I have to apologize. I was currently on Zayn's couch. Louis walked by me and sat next to me. Zayn had an after party today so...yeah.

“Hey!” he yells over the music.

“Hi!” I yell, smiling at him.

“Why are you all alone here?” he asks. I shrug.

“Let's go somewhere more...quiet,” he stands up. I stand up too. He leads me into the room I was in a while ago. He walks and sits on the bed and I just stand there.

“Come here. I don't bite,” he says making me get a bit scared.

“I'm sorry about Keaton,” I say.

“Yeah. I don't wanna talk about it,” he says. I nod.

“So do you know why he did it?” he asks. I nod.

“Well I dumped him because he was kissing another girl. I walked upstairs for a bit and when I came back he was kissing a different girl than before. I dumped him and he wanted to prove that he isn't gay and that he loved me and so he...umm...you know,” I say and he nods. I stand up and walked to the kitchen. I grab a cup and some vodka. I usually don't drink but today and yesterday is different. The burning sensation runs down my throat. It tasted...different then anything I've drunk before. When I walk back I see Harry smirking in my direction. I sip my vodka. He walks up to me and wraps his arms around my waist.

“Hey baby,” he says.

“Hola Styles,” I mess up his curly locks.

“Have you been drinking?” he asks.

“Yeah. So...what's the problema?” I slur in Spanish a bit.

“No. Not at all,” he says.

“Wanna play a game?” someone yells.

“What game?” he asks.

“Truth or strip!” they yell.

“Sure. You wanna play babe,” he smirks.

“I really wanna see you strip!” he smirks. I punch his arm slightly but nod anyways.

“Me first!” Louis yells. He scans the circle we formed.

“Bella! Truth or strip?” Lou asks.

“Strip,” I giggle.

“Strip your dress,” he smirks. I shrug. I take off my dress exposing my chest. I was wearing leggings and a sports bra under but I still felt uncomfortable. Ugh why did I agree to this?!

“Harry truth or strip?” I ask.

“Strip,” he smirks.

“Strip your shirt,” I smirk. He slowly takes of his shirt exposing his toned abs. *whistle whistle* damn this boy is sexy! Don't tell him I said that though!


We've been playing for about an hour and I can barley stand up. I'm also just wearing my bra and underwear. Some other people joined. This sexy guy joined...wait or is it Harry. I can't see clearly anymore. Well another guy joined and he has brown hair, blue eyes, and braces. He is really tall too. I stopped playing though. I walked to the kitchen, slipping into my clothes. I bumped into someone.

“Sorry but you got in my way fucker,” I slur.

“Bella? Are you drunk?” asks the person I bumped into. I looked up to see that guy with brown hair, blue eyes, and braces. I swear I've seen him before. Who is he? Where do I know him from?

“Who are you?” I ask reaching for more vodka. The guy snatches the vodka away from me.

“Hey!” I yell.

“Bella you're drunk,” he says.

“No shit Sherlock,” I say.

“Why? Should I call Natalie?” he asks. Natalie keeps me out of trouble. I quickly shake my head. The room starts spinning and I feel myself fall into his arms.

“Who are you?” I ask.

“You don't remember?” he asks.

“No...wait....nope,” I say.

“I'm your....boyfriend,” he smirks. The fuck! Harry's my boyfriend! Isn't he? I have to sit down.

“No you're not!” I yell. Harry walks by me.

“What's wrong babe?” Harry asks.

“This guy thinks he's my boyfriend!” I yell.

“Jake, don't mess with Bella, she's mine,” Harry says.

“I don't believe you. Let Bella tell me that or prove it,” Jake, I think, smirks. Not even a second later Harry's lips meet mine. He kissed me hungrily. Damn Harry! His hands go to my ass and squeezes it tightly. Fuck! Are you horny biatch?! My hands fly around his neck. We pull away about three or so minutes later. Jake walks away. The fuck was that about? I only know one thing....Jake's back and that's not a good sign!


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