Only You

"HARRY!" I pushed him away.
"What?" he said coming closer to me
"I told you I had a boyfriend!" I yelled at him but he just laughed
"So what? We'll keep it secret baby" He said kissing me again.

Amazing cover by: Herleen28


6. Chapter 6.

Just as I entered the elevator to Nathan’s apartment, a girl with blond hair, mini skirt and crop top stepped out and gave me a very nasty look.

What did I do?..

I just ignored her and pressed the 3 floor.
I hopped out and walked to Nathan’s door and rang the bell. A few seconds later Nathan opened the door shirtless.
“Hi baby!” I smiled widely and leaned in for a kiss. Instead he gave me one on the cheek.

“Is there something wrong? You’ve been distant these past weeks” I asked worriedly and walked in.

“Sorry Mia I’m just really stressed out at work lately.” He scratched the back of his head. Something he normally does when he’s thinking..

“What’s wrong” I lead him to the couch where I sat down.

“I think I’ll be traveling to Australia For a week or two” still scratching the back of his head, sitting down next to me.

“What? When?” I asked.

“Tomorrow” he said looking at our intertwined hands.
I was a bit sad but not too much. We had been together for a year but this last month we’ve been more busy with our family and work. So I was a bit used to it.

“Well we’ll skype every day ok?”

“Yeah, we will”
Then we just cuddled. It seemed like there was something he wasn’t telling me. I hope he’s not lying. Then the sound of my phone ringing broke me out of my thoughts.

Call from Unknown…

“Sorry I have to get this” I said walking to the balcony and answered.

“Hey babe”
“Harry?..” I can’t believe he’s calling me now.. and how did he get my number?
“You got that right” I could already picture his cheeky smile.
“Harry how did you get my number?” I whisper-yelled
“..When you were asleep” He said as if it was no big deal.
“Harry I can’t talk I was just spending time with my boyfriend when YOU called”
“Were you fucking him?” His voice lower as if he was angry.
“That is none of your business” I can’t believe he was asking this. I only knew him for 24 hours..
“Whatever, wanna come over”
“Harry like I said I’m with my boyfriend right now” I whisper-yelled
“Ok then I’m coming over to you. I’ll see you in 30”
He hung up. He freaking hung up! Great now I have to leave.
I stepped back in and saw Nathan changing TV channels over and over.

“Nathan I’m sorry but I have to go” I put my boots on.

“That’s fine. I’ll see you next time.”

“I can come to the airport tomorrow” I suggested

“No it’ll be too early, but I’ll call you” He smiled.

“Ok then have a nice trip” I waved and rushed to my car.

This better be good…



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