Only You

"HARRY!" I pushed him away.
"What?" he said coming closer to me
"I told you I had a boyfriend!" I yelled at him but he just laughed
"So what? We'll keep it secret baby" He said kissing me again.

Amazing cover by: Herleen28


5. Chapter 5.

After some delicious breakfast at Harry’s. He offered to drive me home.

Call from Nathan

I smiled and answered

“Hi babe” I said and Harry gave me a weird look.

Heyy what’s up. Your mum has been calling me asking where you are” I couldn’t tell him I went home with Harry. Or even worse.. that I slept in his bed.. with him.

“I’m fine I just stayed at uh.. a friend house” I lied. It felt really bad.. I could see Harry grinning in the corner of my eye.

“Ok then, what are you doing today”

“I was thinking that I can come see you” I asked hoping he would agree. I hadn’t seen him all week. I could now see Harry tighten his grip on the steer.

“I’m not sure-“

“Please, pretty please.. I haven’t seen you all week, babe” I frowned.

“Fine, come at 3”
It was just 11.. why so late?

“Ok I’ll see you then, byee baby”

“Bye Mia” And we hang up. No babe or baby?

“Was that you boyfriend” Harry said..

“Yes, Nathan is my boyfriend”
He them mumbled something I couldn’t understand. Oh well.
The rest of the ride was quite awkward. I looked out of the window the whole time.

“Here we are” Harry said.

“Thank You. I’ll see you at school”

“Bye, love” He waved. Love? Nathan used to call me that.

I waved back and stood in front of the main door looking for my keys in my purse.

“Well Hello there” My mum opened the door and said sarcastically.
I just rolled my eyes and walked past her “Hi mum” I mumbled

“Aren’t you going to tell me where you’ve been? Who’s clothes are those? Where did you go last night? Did you even come home?!”

“Mum, it’s non of your business, now will you let me go to my room in peace” I snapped

“Why are you like this? You never snap at me?!”

“Mum it’s not me, it’s you. Your driving me crazy with all the questions all week. Just let me be! I’m 18!”

“I’m sorry.. I just care about my daughter!”

“Too much” I added and ran to my room. She drives me nuts! Ugh.

Calling Emily.

“Heyy Mia” She answered
“Hello Emily” I was still mad.
“You sound pissed off, what are you doing”
“Looking for an apartment on my laptop” I said keeping my eyes focused on a nice apartment on the screen.
“Did you and your mum-“
“Emily she drives me nuts! I am 18, I don’t always have to tell her where I’m going!”
“Mia, calm down. She is just worried”
“A little too much don’t ya think?” I snapped

Oh no I couldn’t yell at Em, she did nothing wrong

“Sorry, Em. I should snap at you like that” I sighed
“It’s fine, I understand.. So tell me about Harry!”
This is why I love her so much.
I told her everything. In detail. She was shocked to hear the news.

“Wow, don’t get too close to him. He seems like a perv” She laughed

“He’s not a perv! He was just too drunk” I laughed.

It was already 2:30! I was I was meeting Nathan at 3.

“Em, I’m going to see Nathan. Talk to you later” I said and hung up. I changed into some
of my clothes and went downstairs .
“Mum! I going to see Nathan” She wanted to know where I was going right? After 5 seconds of silence, I just left.

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