Only You

"HARRY!" I pushed him away.
"What?" he said coming closer to me
"I told you I had a boyfriend!" I yelled at him but he just laughed
"So what? We'll keep it secret baby" He said kissing me again.

Amazing cover by: Herleen28


4. Chapter 4.

I slowly opened my eyes but closed them immediately once I saw the bright sun light and groaned.

“You’re awake!” A voice said.. a familiar one. Once I realised who the voice belonged to my eyes shot open..

“Harry?!” He was standing there in nothing than a towel on his waist, wet curls and shirtless chest. I assumed he just finished showering.

“How did I get here?!” I panicked and sat up.

“Calm down.. You fell asleep in my car so when I was at your house I didn’t have a key so I brought you here..” He smirked.

“You can’t just bring me to your house why didn’t you wake me” I got mad

“You slept so peacefully..” I sighed

“Where’s my phone?” I asked looking for my purse.

“It kept ringing so I switched it off” He shrugged pointing to my phone.

“Oh god, My mum must have called..” I said

Mum: MIA! Why didn’t you say where you went!
Mum: Where are you!!
Mum: Mia call me back now!
7 missed calls from Mum
5 missed calls from Emily

Oh god..

Mia: Mum I’m fine
Mia to Emily: Em, I fine I’ll call you later. Please don’t tell my mum I’m at Harry’s…

“I gotta go.. My mum is furious” I said standing up.

Was I wearing Harry’s shirt?

“Oh yeah sorry you looked quite uncomfortable.” He said reading my thoughts.

“And I made breakfast” He grinned.

“Fine I’m just going to take a shower” I smiled. He handed me a towel and I entered the bathroom.

Emily: It’s ok. Won’t tell a thing. X :P

Harry’s POV

She looked hot yesterday. Her dress made her ass look bigger.. But she has a boyfriend. It was new for me to get rejected once but I was going to stay. I don’t know why I wanted to. And when I removed her dress last night, it took me everything not to fuck her right then and there. She even looked incredible in my shirt. Holy shit.

I put on some clothes and started put the pancakes I made on the table. When I heard her call from upstairs.


“Coming” I answered.

I opened the door and saw her. Towel rapped around her body. Her blond wet hair all on her right shoulder. She blushed when she met my eyes and I smirked because I just checked her out.
“I don’t have any clothes” She said not meeting my eyes.

“I think my sister left some here” I walked over to my closet and found some clothes for her.

“You have a sister?” She asked surprised

“Yeah she’s called Gemma. I smiled

I haven’t really seen my mum, Gemma and Robin in a while.

“Well thank you” She returned the smile.


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