Only You

"HARRY!" I pushed him away.
"What?" he said coming closer to me
"I told you I had a boyfriend!" I yelled at him but he just laughed
"So what? We'll keep it secret baby" He said kissing me again.

Amazing cover by: Herleen28


3. Chapter 3.

“Mia.. what’s a beautiful girl like you dancing here alone” Harry said putting his hands back on my hips.
“Uh.. I came here with my best friend. I’m going to go ..” I said trying to leave.

I didn’t know harry was that flirty.. I actually didn’t even know he came to clubs.  Of course he does.. he’s got the tattoos and stuff.

“Your so fucking hot babe” He said bringing his waist to mine.

“Uh Harry.. I’ve got a boyfriend” trying to escape his grip. This was so awkward..
I managed to get loose and went off to find Emily again quickly.

“Heyy.. Miaaa.. This is Chase” Emily said introducing the boy next to her, both of them clearly drunk. I couldn’t see him well because of the dimmed lights.

“Hi Chase, Em I’m going home” I said.

“Aw … so soon? Well I’ll get a cab don’t worry” She slurred. I smiled to her and went to find a door as soon as possible..

Once I found my way out.. I inhaled the fresh air, when someone grabbed my waist again.. I turned around to meet Harry. Again!

“Harry, let me go..”
“Do you want a ride home?” He smirked. I didn’t really trust drunk Harry so I declined And walked of.

Right then and there.. It started raining.

“You’ve got to be kidding me” I mumbled to myself.
I tried to get some attention from a cab driver, but nothing worked. This is really stressing me.

“I can still take you home babe..” Harry came out of nowhere driving next to me in his car..

“No Harry” I spat. He’s much more polite in class.

“You can’t just walk in the rain.”

It was raining heavily..

“Fine” I said and got in the car.

Lets hope he doesn’t try anything…
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