Waiting to Die

A deep short poem


1. Free with a Farewell

In this place I wake up everyday

Always the same old days

Nothing will ever change

Nothing will ever get better

I still have this pain that won't stop

This sharp tool at my side

To my comfort my broken soul

The escape I'm longing for

A slice of peace I desire

Just with a open palm

Letting my blood flood

Ready for a slumber

I'm still and quiet now

I'm waiting for my friend

The only one who can help

With the power to end it all

Taking me for a long ride

Once I'm gone...

I can finally breathe

I had to be the loner

The middle of two sides

To do what he or she said

No room for my feelings

I had to be the target of pain

Everyday I felt like I was punished

Darkness kept me safe through the nights

Once light came I had to start it all over again

I rather be nothing but dust then trash

I stand among living...yet I have never lived

Since I can remember I cried more then smile

I want to be free and happy

Instead I cry almost everywhere

Even the rain would cry hard on my worst days

I would give my all to a one in need desperately

Let them have a chance I can't have

When It's time and I won't miss my ride

I'm waiting to die, a gift for them.

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