Confused (Sequel to He's the Father)

This is continuing on from He's the father...

Chloe Starlight has just overcome the 3 years of depression, she has blocked everyone out, even the one she loves; Louis. But what happens, when the love of her life turns on her? Makes her feel helpless and insecure. What if the friends she thought were her friends turn against her too.
Read---> Confused to find out.


7. Chapter 6

Chloe's P.O.V

I approached Bianca's door and wiped away the tears that were spilling, I gently knocked on the door and waited for her to answer. No answer. I turned around and sat on the door step and looked over at the park, the lights were sparkling through the rain. I watched as the rain drops hit the ground and seeped into the grass. I pulled my phone put from my pocket and saw that it was from Aunty Mel.


Aunty Mel: Hi dear, is everything alright? Louis rung me before to see where you are. He read your note and got the truth out of Eleanor. Don't worry dear, I knew it was your Uncle coming down; because he dropped me off at the shops while he went around to your place. Oh and Happy 21st for yesterday Chloe. I love you lots. xx

I read the message and decided to log into Facebook while I waited for Bianca. 

25 pending Facebook requests, 37 Notifications and 6 Messages. I clicked onto the messages and saw that 5 of them were from the boys and that one of them was from Bianca. I clicked onto Bianca's and read it.



It's Bianca, I'm up at the hospital because I'm in labor. Please come up here, I would like for you to be here. I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was pregnant, but I was keeping it a surprise from everyone. I'm in ward 302B please come, I love you Chloe xox sent at 9:54pm 


I looked at the time and saw that it was 10:24 pm. I dragged my saturated body into my car and headed off to the hospital.

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