Confused (Sequel to He's the Father)

This is continuing on from He's the father...

Chloe Starlight has just overcome the 3 years of depression, she has blocked everyone out, even the one she loves; Louis. But what happens, when the love of her life turns on her? Makes her feel helpless and insecure. What if the friends she thought were her friends turn against her too.
Read---> Confused to find out.


3. Authors Note

Hey Guys!

New Story... It's connected to the first one "He's the Father" If you haven't read that one, i suggest you do. Otherwise you will get confused. Ummm If you dont like this story, please tell me and I will call it quits and just leave it, but if you like it please comment your thoughts. Oh and I need someone to be...

Niall's Best Friend:

Harry's Best Frend:

Zayn's Best Friend:

Louis' Best Friend:

Liam's Best Friend:

Perrie's Best Friend:


Chloe's Old School Friend:


Comment below if you want to take a role, thanks. :)

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