3. Chapter three

Dear Diary




So guess what, my old ex boyfriend has a boyfriend. Now this boyfriend was the bestest boyfriend eveer he was so cute and he was perfect for me, buut, it was long distance and we got disconnected? i guess, so anyway i went threw alot of trouble to check on him, but i just ended up seeing on his status update on this website that he is in love with this boy. What kind of fuckery is that? I mean i love this fucker more than the girl mentioned is the first two chapters (we'll call her hb, which stands for heart breaker) And i care loads about hb nso you can't even imagine how much this boy means to me (we'll call him love, because we love him kk?) So why is love doing this to me? Dammit why do people move on!?!?!?! 


But anyway, do you guys think i should start putting dates n my entry's orrrr  . . . .  is this fine?



But anyway, it's currently spring break and i've spent my time doing what any normal teen my age would with there free time.


Meaning i've spent my time eating, sleeping, doing meaningless chores, taking showers, and watching anime. (speaking of , go watch black butler, and ouran host club, on viewster.com ) And some where in between that i've been checking on hb and asshat's status. And so far they've already dated, and i surprisingly don't care ( i think my feelings for love are making me like hb less ) But anyway they broke up the same day, making her go back to her ex "jacob" who i think is fake. And hb and asshat are currently fighting because of their break up, seeing as he cheats so much ( WHAT A SHOCKING STATEMENT, NOT THAT FUCKER IS A MANWHORE) but yea.


I guess that's just my fucked up life, yea? anyway message me on kik (@chardaetheunicorn) orr email me (thatonefagget143@gmail.com) or simply comment/mention me on here with feedback or if you just wanna chat. Byeeee



so yea my life is basicALLY SHIT?


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

a fucked up teen, with a fucked up life

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