The Hooting

A new breed of owl mutation is terrorizing a little town in the middle of nowhere called Owlsville. Named for the large owl population. But when something goes wrong, it causes the owls to mutate. They are doubling in size, talons becoming sharper, beaks more pointy, and a lust to kill humans. When the towns people become too terrifyed to leave their homes, the mayor of their town calls in an owl expert by the name of Jessica Hunter. But even she is yet to know what is in store for her when the towns people say 'they have an owl infestation'. What she will learn later is... 'Your safe until they hoot'.


2. On The Way There

Jessica immediatly began to pack as soon as she got home. It was Sunday afternoon, just ten miniutes after twelve. She tutted about the fact tht her boss had thrown the promotion on her with such short notice. She was proud, glad, but irritated at having to rush her packing. She threw clothes agressively into her large brown suitcase, with an owl sticker on the bottom corner. She didn't bother to fold her clothes, as she slammed the suitcase shut, and rushed into the bathroom. She grabbed her toothbrush, along with many other importation essensials. After two hours had paased bringing the day to a few minutes after two in the afternoon. She led on her bed exauated, breathing heavily after rushing around for ages. Before ahe knew it she was looking at her clock and it was midnight. She screamed in frustration as she leapt out of bed immediately. She shrieked "THE BLINKING OWL!!!!" She ran down the stairs, pounding them like a raging bull.


She headed down the basement, and tried to turn the light on. The bulb had blown so she ran back upstairs to find a torch. She found one with no batteries, so she stole the batteries from the tv remote. She pressed the torch button in hard, as a bright line of light lit up her way. She began looking side to side frantically. "WHERE IS THAT BLASTED TRAVEL CAGE!!!!" Jessica cried out into the darkness. She began lobbing piles of old cardboard boxes out of her way. She was about to admit defeat when she saw a bright gleam as her torch beam hit some metal. She dug the metal travel cage out from under a load of boxes,and ran back upstairs with it. She lined the bottom with a whole newspaper, as she couldn't be bothered to seperate the pages. She looked at her Eagle Owl darkly and said "now Oscar, you be a good boy and don't give me no trouble today". The owl just shrieked in disaproval, and as Jessica slowly opened the cage, the owl flew quickly past her. It flew frantically round her living room.


After a while of trying to catch the dumb old owl, Jessica fell to the floor and began to cry. The owl which had now perched on the top of the door, swooped down to the floor beside Jessica, and began nibbling at her hair. Jessica looked up from the floor into Oscar's large round yellow eyes. She stroked him gently, as she held one hand out to him. The owl carefully clambered onto Jessica's hand, flapping it's wings to remain balence as Jessica slowly got to her feet. She placed Oscar in the open travel cage, and slowly clicked the door securly shut. Just as she did this she heard beeping outside her house. She carried the cage out, Oscar shrieking with fear. As a guy was about to knock on Jessica's door, she lunged the cage into his arms. The driver said nothing as he looked strangly at Jessica.


Jessica ran quickly back into the house to retrive her suitcase. She haded it to the driver, and proceded to the car. The driver said slightly shocked "you only have one suitcase?" Jessica laughed and said "well it is quite a big one". The driver said "well yeah, but you must have st least one more". Jessica said skightly worried "are you saying I need more supplies?!" The driver said nothing nore as he finished putting the suitcase in th boot, and politely held the car door open for her. Jessica got in next to her owl, and began talking softly to Oscar in order to keep him calm. The driver got in, looked strangly at the owl and said "who keeps an owl as a pet?" Jessica grinned and cheekily said "I do". The driver sighed as he started the ignition, and the old black car began rattling down the rickety old road. Jessica smiled excitedly as she said to Oscar proudly "this is the day Oscar. The day I work as one of the big important people".

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