Arranged Marriage To Zayn Malik

NO Hate PLEASE!! this is a story about a girl who has to marry Zayn will everything go as planned or will it be a bumpy ride? find out in my story Arranged Marriage To Zayn Malik.


2. The News

Carrie's Pov

i woke up to the smell of breakfeast and i got up and took a shower once i was done with my shower i got dressed and walked down stairs for breakfeast. once my mum seen me she told me good morning, i asked her where was dad she said that he had to go to work early.  i was a bit sad but i knew he would be back for dinner, if you didnt notice im a daddy's girl. my mum made my favorite breakfeast which was French Toast. Today is my first day of 11th grade, im so excided because i get to see my best friends!! we didnt hang out that much over the summer because, 1. Eleanor went to see her mom in California. 2. Danielle got a job for the Xfactor USA dancers . finally 3. Jessica was home sick most of the summer which had to suck! well i have to pick up the girls on my way to school. i told my mum i was leaving to pick up the girls when she told me i had to take my sister Mae. i dont mind but when i have my friends over or somewhere she is so annoying! but whatever i dont feel like being grounded.  once i told my sister to hurry up she did, thank god because told eleanor i would be there around 7:00am and its 6:55am and it take five mins to get to her house. once we were all set i got to eleanors just in time! when she got in she saw Mae and she said hi and stuff. we werent going to really talk until i drop my sister off at school. which was on my way to Jessica's house. once we got to the middle school, Mae said thank you for the ride and i said youre welcome and that mum or dad will pick her up. she said okay. once we left the parking lot of Mae's school, Eleanor and i started talking. "Hey bestie how was your summer!!!!!" Eleanor asked. "Boring as Hell without you, Dani, and Jess, everyone was busy and jess was sick most of the summer. but i had fun with the family" i said. "I'm So sorry i should of tooken you to cali!" Eleanor said. "i know" i said two mins later we arrive at Jessica's. once jess gets in the car she hugs us and says hi and how was your summer we told her it was good and i headed to dani's place once i arrived she ran to the car and screamed "YOU NEVER KNOW WHO I MET IN LA!!!" she said. " well if you quit your screaming and tell us we would apreciate that you tell us" i said. "sorry, but i meet Liam Payne From One Direction and you will never guess what happened!" What Happened Dani?" El said "Were Dating!" dani says "aweee thats so cute" jess said. "yeshhh!" dani said! we arrvied at school i was so not ready for the school day...

*Skipping the school day*

Carrie's pov (Still)

finally school is over! i am so glad but sad at the same time i had to go to work then home but all of a sudden my mother calls me.


*phone Convo* (M= Mum C= Carrie)

C: Hello?

M: Darling did you go to work yet?

C: no, but imma bout to leave why?

M: i called your boss and told him you had to be home today after school so just come home okay?

C: Kay, bye mum.

M: Bye.

Carrie's pov.

well time to go home. once i came home there were people in my kitchen. wait.. is that the Malik's? As in Zayn, and his parents?? um okay??


*No ones pov.* (Sorry i have to go to bed in two mins)

Carrie: mum im home.

Mum: hunny! hi we have some news.

Carrie: okay?

Mum: we have arranged a marriage between you and Zayn Malik.

Carrie and Zayn: WHAT! NO!

Carrie's Dad: Its final Caroline!

Carrie: But Dad!

Carrie's Dad: NO BUTS!

Carrie: i dont wanna marry him!

Zayn: do think i wanna leave my girlfriend Perrie to marry you i dont think so!

Zayn's mum: Zayn Malik! this decision it final and you have to break up with her im sorry zayn!

Zayn: whatever...

Carrie: Why are you doing this to me! i wanna pick who i wanna marry! i dont want to marry some popstar! i wanna marry someone who loves me because im pretty sure he will not love me!

Mum: im sorry darling its final we already made arrangements.

Carrie: Why! Why me! I hate EVERYONE!!!\

thats when carrie went up to her bed room and cried, suddenly there was a knock at her door.

Carrie: GO AWAY!

Zayn: its me zayn.

Carrie: *goes to open the door* What!

Zayn: look im not to happy about this either but let make are parents happy okay?

Carrie: fine, i guess

Zayn: so... will you be my girlfriend?

Carrie: Break up the Perrie first Sorry im not trying to sound eagar.

Zayn: its fine and i already did so?? will you??

Carrie: Yes.

They Hug.

hey guys i will write more tomorrow and i mi9ght not have school depending on the weather so if i dont have school tomorrow i will update in the morning if i do i will update around 2:45pm My Time.

Lots of love


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