Arranged Marriage To Zayn Malik

NO Hate PLEASE!! this is a story about a girl who has to marry Zayn will everything go as planned or will it be a bumpy ride? find out in my story Arranged Marriage To Zayn Malik.


3. food court

Carries Pov.

It's been a week since I got the news that I am marrying Zayn. To be honest he not all that bad. But I think he is just acting for our parents. To be honest I'm starting to have feelings for him. Ever since I was with my last boyfriend I told myself I wouldn't trust any guy because my ex used to abuse me. His name was Adam. But Zayn is so sweet. That when I started gaining trust back and now I feel safe when I'm with Zayn. I totally forgot that el was at my house I totally zoned out!

Zayns Pov:

Carrie is so beautiful ever since we got the news I started having feelings for her. I mean yes I do still love perrie but it's arranged and you gain feelings for that person.

No ones Pov.

Eleanor: babes what are you up too?

Carrie: I'm just thinking about things.

Eleanor: oh okay anyway want to go shopping?

Carrie: sure.

Skipping ride to mall.

Carries Pov.

When we got to the mall I asked where she wanted to go and she said the food court and I said ok.

Sorry to stop it here but I have to go to bed. This chapter probably sucks

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