Arranged Marriage To Zayn Malik

NO Hate PLEASE!! this is a story about a girl who has to marry Zayn will everything go as planned or will it be a bumpy ride? find out in my story Arranged Marriage To Zayn Malik.


1. About Me.

Hi My name is Carrie Patterson, i am currently 17 years old and im in Junoir year. i have Brown Hair and bright blue eyes. i'm about 4"11, yeah i know i'm short. anyway i have three best friends. Their names are Eleanor, Danielle, and Jessica. i have three people in my family. i have my mom, my dad, and my sister. i love them but my 14 year old sister is so annoying. but gotta love her. i currently work at starbucks as a cashier.  So. Thats me!


Hey Guys i hope you like my new book please no hate thank you!

lots of love


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