"I guess you just don't want me around then!" I screamed, hysterical. He didn't say anything, and just walked out. "Celes, you're wrong. And I'm gonna prove it to you"


1. One

Hi, I'm Celia Jones, or Celes (like Seals) for short.

My best friend is Drew Jameson. I have liked him since forever, but he always had a new girlfriend. Oh well.

I woke up on Saturday and checked my phone

(3 New Messages)

Damn, Drew probably texted me.

From: Drewbear😘

Hey Celes wassup

From: Drewbear😘

Wake up... Like now.


Wake up you need to come over!!!!!!

Wow... Oops. I told him I would be over in 30.


When I got to Drew's house, he seemed really nervous. He told me to sit down and I obeyed. He looked me in the eyes. "Celes I've liked you for a while but I thought you didn't like me so I dated other girls to get my mind away from you. Will you go out with me"? Oh my god. Drew Jameson, just asked me, Celia Marie Jones out. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. Yayy. "Drew I like you too! Yes!" His smile grew, and he kissed me. It wasn't the first time we kissed, but it meant the world.

Hey guys, Tell me what you think! K thanks bye :)


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