we kidnapped a vampire


3. the big surprise
























                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I was so mad. how dare he? just kidnap me like that. what the hell? i was so angry. he finally got me in his house i was assuming, was his. we got in and he put me down. then he turned to me. "please don't freak out when you see my face, okay love?" he asked. i nodded. "okay" i said. i was wondering why he didn't want me to freak out. then i saw his face. oh my god. i can't believe it. "you're zayn malik" i said in almost a whisper. he chuckled and nodded. "in the flesh, love" he said. i almost fainted at his voice. he looked at me and i started to feel anger towards him. "why would you kidnap me zayn?!!! i screamed. "hold on lets sit down and i'll tell you." he said. but i couldn't i needed blood and he was full of it.  and when i get blood thirsty i get seductive. "zaayynn" i said in a sexy voice. he looked at me and gulped as i took off my shirt. i got  on top of him and grinded on him. he let out a moan. i was super hungry. i decided i needed to tell him before i fucked him and killed him after. "zayn" i said seriously put my shirt on and got off of him. "yes?" he asked. " there is something i need to tell you." but then i remembered. he doesn't even know my name.  "but before i tell you, my name is jessica." i said. he smirked and said "nice to meet you jessica. but before he could finish my hunger became more irresisting. "Zayn!!!!" i screamed out. "jessica are you okay?!" he asked. i violently shook my head and said i need your blood. his eyes widened and he looked at me like i was crazy. "zayn im a vampire." i said to him. he looked at me with a flat look and i showed him my fangs. his eyes widened and he backed up. "help me please" i struggled to let out. "go get me some kind of animal." he looked at me and said "no, drink my blood" he said. i looked at him. "are you sure?" i asked. he nodded slowly and took off his shirt. he sat down infront of me and held my waste. i held his shoulders and kissed his neck. he let out  a moan and i bit  him. he didn't scream but he did cry out. then i realized. oh my god. i just bit zayn malik. THE ZAYN MALIK!!!



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