we kidnapped a vampire


1. in the woods


                                                            Jenine's POV


 i was walking in the woods when i heard the crunching of leaves."who's there?" i asked. nothing. i heard nothing, so i went on walking and before you ask i walk in the woods as a shortcut to home from school. i heard the noise again so i began to get a little pissed off because i thought it was nothing. little did this 'nothing' know i was a blood sucking demon who could suck the life out of it. i was about to ask the same question when my phone went off and my ringtone was you and i by one direction. did i mention im in love with one direction? oh well its true my favourite out of them is harry, he has his cute dimples,his toothy smile, and his curly mop of hair i love him. i looked at my celly to see who was calling me. it was my best friend jenerica, but i call her jenni. i was about to pick up when someone threw a bag over my head and i was lifted onto someone's shoulder. i was too weak to fight because as you remember im a vampire and i hadn't eaten all day. i was starving, so i just sat there. i could tell it was a man because of the way the muscles on his back contracted when he lifted me. but then i started to smell blood, he must have cut himself i was about to go crazy but i knew i shouldn't so i started beating on his back and screaming "let me go, let me go" i screamed."shh love your going to be fine"he said. his voice sounded oddly familiar and i knew he was british. we got to a house amd he took the bag off of me and looked at me i couldn't see his face because he was wearing a mask but i di smell his blood and see his bleeding arm. "what the hell!!!" i yelled. "why am i fucking here?" i asked trying not to go crazy while smelling his blood."i want to go home" i said. "come on love" he said pickimg me back up. "i'll answer your questions inside"he said. "okay" i said.

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