Love, Secrets, and Lies (One Direction Fanfiction)

What happens when Melissa movies to Bradford, Yorkshire and meets the mysterious Zayn Malik. what happens when Melissa develops feelings for Zayn. will he feel the same and will the become something more, or will they just stay friends. and what happens when bad things pop up from Zayns past, will Melissa sick around? Read to find out.


2. Chapter 2

Zayn's P.O.V.


I was on my way to Mrs. Chandlers class for first hour already preparing myself for the punishment of being late when I bump into someone knocking both of us to the floor “oops I'm sorry I wasn’t paying attention” she says standing up and offering her hand to help me up. I gladly take it pulling myself up and look at the girl I just knocked down. She had beautiful brown and slightly wavy hair, beautiful brown eyes and an amazing American accent “No no no its alright its my fault, I’m Zayn by the way, Zayn Malik. Are you new here?” I say my Bradford accent spilling out as I stick my hand out to shake it. She shakes it and says “why yes I am, I’m Melissa by the way nice to meet you Zayn” her name was just as beautiful as her appearance. Her American accent was just the cherry on top of a perfect girl if you ask me. As I was about to ask her where she was from I remember that I’m already late to class so I decide against it saying “ well it was nice meeting you Melissa but I must get to class now,see ya 'round” and she nods walking in the direction of the office “ I guess she hasn’t gotten her timetable yet” I think to myself before heading off to Mrs. Chandler's class not wanting to hear what she has to say about me being late.


Melissa's P.O.V.


As I walk into the office I'm greeted by a kind woman calling my last name, saying I'm late and must hurry before the bell for 2nd hour rings. I quickly grab my timetable and run into the hallway looking down at my timetable to see that I have English first, Music second, third is Math (ugh), History for hour, and last but not least Art for my last hour. As I head toward the music room I wonder if I'll have any cute guys in this class. The bell rings signaling that I should hurry and get to class, as I walk in the already full classroom I try and avoid the teacher, not wanting to introduce myself but I fail at that as I hear the teacher call my name. She asks me to introduce myself so I tell the class my name and say I like unicorns before running to find a seat, I decide on a seat next to a boy with his head down, staring at his phone. As I take a seat he slowly looks up and I realize its Zayn.


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