Love, Secrets, and Lies (One Direction Fanfiction)

What happens when Melissa movies to Bradford, Yorkshire and meets the mysterious Zayn Malik. what happens when Melissa develops feelings for Zayn. will he feel the same and will the become something more, or will they just stay friends. and what happens when bad things pop up from Zayns past, will Melissa sick around? Read to find out.


1. Chapter 1.

Melissa's P.O.V.


beep beep beep went my stupid alarm clock, signaling that I should probably get up knowing that it is my first day of school since i moved from the U.S.

“MELISSA YOU BEST BE GETTING UP NOW BEFORE I GET THE WATER BUCKET!” screamed my friend Kaila “ IM COMING GOSH WOMAN!” I yell back getting up to get ready. I grab my clothes and head for the bathroom getting ready to my shower when Kaila yells “No time for a shower Melly you're gonna be late now hurry lets go” “ugh really Kaila you cant wait ten minutes?” I say annoyed. “Nope now lets get going c'mon chop chop” she laughs at me as I walk away to get ready.

Ten minutes later I’m all ready and waiting for kaila that way we can head off to school.




once we get to school I head straight for the office, eager to see what classes I will be attending. As I walk down the hall I bump into someone and we both fall down. I get up to help the person I hit, realizing it a a very handsome boy with black hair set up in a quiff kinda style, and chocolate brown eyes that were very beautiful.“No no no its alright its my fault, I’m Zayn by the way, Zayn Malik. Are you new here?” he says in a Bradford accent “why yes I am, I’m Melissa by the way nice to meet you Zayn” I say to him fully captivated by his features, his smirk on his lips how they are just so pink and plump, his perfect jawline and his amazing eyes. “ well it was nice meeting you Melissa but I'm must get to class now,see ya 'round” he says and I nod making my way back towards the office to get my schedule, wondering if I’ll have any classes with Zayn.




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