Summer Love

Kalie and Ocean are two regular girls. But when Kalie wants to go camping,Ocean has no choice but to accept.
When ocean decides to go on a walk she bumps into Louis tomilson, but what happens when she has no idea it's him? And what will happen when she meets the rest of the band? Will Ocean possibly have the the best summer ever?


15. Too Much Pain

Chapter 15 - Too Much Pain

Niall's pov.

*Hours Earlier*

I sat on the air mattress that was placed in my tent. The mattress I curled up to Ocean on. I really did love her, at least I think I do. When I told her, she smiled, although she didn't say anything back to me. In not sure if she loves me back, but I have a feeling she feels the same as I do. After all, she is my girlfriend.

I heard stirring outside of the tent, before the zipper was lowered and Andrea poked her head in. She smiled but didn't say anything, and placed the phone I was holding down next to me.

"Hey" I smiled back. Andrea arched her back to fit under the entrance, and strode in, sweeping her brunette hair over her right shoulder. I raised my eyebrows at her, but she didn't seem to notice as she bent down next to me and placed a hand to my chest.

"What are you doing?" I asked breathlessly. "Making you feel good" she stated simply, removing her shirt slowly. She grabbed the hem seamlessly, and lifted it over her head, as though she were trying to impress someone, me.

"We are both in relationships" I said as I blinked hard a few times. "So?" She said sarcastically, as she placed her hand on my belt loop. She lifted her leg over my waist, and towered above me, never have I though I could feel so weak.

"Harry says he doesn't want to hurt me and cause me too much pain, And Ocean is too weak to let you try" Andrea explained, shrugging carelessly. "But this is still wrong" I said in a whisper.

Andrea ignored my argument, as she removed my belt and fingered the hem of my shirt. "You know you can't resist me."

I shook my head side to side quickly, and grabbed her wrist. "I love Ocean, and I will not do this to her" I shot out through clenched teeth. "And if Harry is smart, he will learn to never love someone like you" I spat again, still struggling to push Andrea off of me. "Off" I simply said. She didn't listen as she palmed me through my pants. I struggled to hold back a moan.

"Stop" I stammered out. "I don't think that's smart, to leave you here without something to hold on to."

I heard more rustling outside of the tent, and the zipper of the tent lowered once more. My eyes widened as Ocean stuck her head in. Her eyes welled up with tears quickly, and her mouth was open with surprise.

"It's not what it looks like" I said, as I pushed Andrea to the side.

"Really? Because it looks like you were about to have sex with Harry's girlfriend!" She said in a monotone as her breath straightened.

"I love you" I said looking straight into her eyes, hope rising in my chest.

"Love is a strong word."

I stumbled out of the tent, and the last thing I saw was Ocean disappear out of the campsite and into the forest. I felt a pang of guilt instantly, and a feeling of disgust toward Andrea. She royally screwed me over, and I just lost my girlfriend, the one I loved, the one I felt everything towards.

And the worst part? She won't believe me when I tell her what happened. Why? Because she never trusted me. She never loved me.

*authors note*

Hey guys!

Sry I haven't been updating to much recently! And sry that the chapter isn't to long, I'll try to make the next one longer!

Comment what you think should happen. Like and favorite please :)

Thanks - ReBizier

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