Summer Love

Kalie and Ocean are two regular girls. But when Kalie wants to go camping,Ocean has no choice but to accept.
When ocean decides to go on a walk she bumps into Louis tomilson, but what happens when she has no idea it's him? And what will happen when she meets the rest of the band? Will Ocean possibly have the the best summer ever?


5. The Small Details

Chapter 5- The Small Details

Oceans pov.

I woke up in my own tent for once and walked over to the hammock. "Kalie!" I yelled over at her. She groaned and climbed out walking over to me, and sitting down.

"What should we do today?" I asked while she thought. "Let's go see the boys!" She said. "I thought you hated 1D, plus you said you didn't believe me when I said I met them?" I asked. "I did, but things can change."


We walked over to the boys campsite and found everyone but Zayn asleep. "You again" he said jokingly. "Yeah, we thought we would say hello, and Kalie wanted to meet you guys." I said. Kalie blushed looking at Zayn and he smiled at her.

Liam then stumbled out of his tent still half asleep. "Mornin" he said. We smiled and and nodded at him. "So are the others still asleep?" I asked as Zayn nodded. I placed my phone down "do you guys have any food?" I asked because I was starving. He motioned towards a cooler and I went to grab something.

When I sat back down Zayn was looking at my phone. "Does anyone respect privacy anymore?" I asked angrily "not really" Liam said glancing over Zayns shoulder. "Niall!" Zayn yelled. I tried to grab my phone but he moved his hand away. "What happened to Louis background?" He asked pointing at my phone "none of your business." I stated taking my phone out of his hands.

Niall came out of his tent with only boxers on and I giggled staring at him. He had a nice body. He saw me and dove back into his tent looking embarrassed.

"I'm going to wake the others" Liam said walking away.

About 10 minutes later everyone was sitting at the picnic table eating. Zayn tried to grab my phone but I snatched it before he could "Niall you should see Oceans new ba...-" I shot him a death look and he shut up. "What?" Niall said with food in his mouth. "Nothing" I said still glaring at Zayn.

I pulled out my phone and texted Louis to meet me on the trail in 10 minutes. I stood up and everyone stared at me "where are you going?" Niall asked. "For a walk" I answered. He smiled "can I talk to you quickly?" He asked and I followed him to the swing set.

"I really like you" he said straight forward "I like you to" I said back to him. He blushed and looked back towards me. "Do you want to go out sometime? The boys and I will be hanging out tonight at the camp site, you can bring Kalie and we can all hang out?" He said making it sound like a question. "I'll be there" I said to him.

We stood up and walked back to the campsite with our fingers intertwined.

"Where'd Louis go?" Niall asked when we got back. "He had to go meet someone" Harry responded. "That's reminds me I should be going, I'll see you guys later, you to Kalie" I said, but I'm not sure Kalie heard me as she was to busy staring at Zayn.

I kissed Niall quickly on the cheek and turned to walk away as I heard awwwww directed at Niall behind me. I could practically see him blushing.


I walked down to the path we always meet at and spotted Lou waiting for me. "Hey" he said when he saw me. "Let's walk and talk" I said and he nodded.

He was still wearing his sun glasses, but this time he had on a T-shirt and a beanie. Somehow he looked familiar but i didn't know why. " so, what's up?" I asked him. "Nothing really" he said. He smiled at me, and sat down on a rock next to the path.

He leaned in to kiss me, but I pulled back. "I'm sorry, but I'm sort of dating someone" I said as he frowned.

We got up and walked back to the camp ground as we went our separate ways. What am I going to do?

I raced back to my campsite to find Kalie and Zayn laying on the hammock together. When did that happen?

"Having fun?" I said startling them. Kalie nodded at me and smiled. She stood up and pulled me to the side where Zayn couldn't hear us. "Give me every detail" I said to her. "We were just hanging out." She explained as she blushed. I let out a squeal in excitement for her and couldn't stop smiling.

"What were you talking about?" I asked her. "He asked me if I liked his band, and I said no..." She answered "Kalie!" I yelled at her as she shrugged "he doesn't seem to care." and she walked back over to Zayn, as I crawled into my tent to take a nap.

Lou/ Louis's pov.

As I got back to the camp site i found Liam. "Liam, I need advice" I said. He nodded asking me what it was. "See, there's this girl I like, and we walk together every day. We kissed and stuff, but when I tried to kiss her today she pulled back and said she couldn't because she was dating someone." I said.

"Who's this girl?" He asked. "Ocean" I say simply.

"Do you know who she is dating?" He asked again and I shook my head no. "I think I know who" he looked at me. "Niall..."

*authors note*

Hey guys! I've been fixing some small things in my story and adding detail. Kaliex helped me a lot, she has a few stories and you should check her out! Also go check out luvbug00, we are writing story of my life together and she has some cool stories!

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