Summer Love

Kalie and Ocean are two regular girls. But when Kalie wants to go camping,Ocean has no choice but to accept.
When ocean decides to go on a walk she bumps into Louis tomilson, but what happens when she has no idea it's him? And what will happen when she meets the rest of the band? Will Ocean possibly have the the best summer ever?


1. the Beginning of it all

Hey guys! It's Rebizier again! I really wanted to do another fan fic so I started summer love, I'll let you read now... Enjoy!!!

Chapter 1- The beginning of it all

Oceans pov.

I was laying on my bed listening to my favorite band one direction when my ear buds were ripped out.

I looked up and saw an annoyed Kalie staring holes through me. "What?" I yelled. "We are leaving in 15 minutes and what have you gotten done?" She said acting very moody. I looked at the clock and shot up running to my closet to pack clothes for our camping trip.


About a month earlier before school ended, Kalie had an idea we should spend the summer at the local camping site lone oak to celebrate our high school graduation. I didn't want to go at first because the time she planned it interfered with my schedule. I was going to a one direction concert and was not skipping it for my life

She told me it was taken care of... We were at my house talking at the moment and I had my tickets hidden in my jewelry box. when I had run over I looked at where they were suppose to be and found that they were gone.

After that, through a lot of arguing and discussing I finally agreed to the trip.


I packed lots of clothes because we were going for the whole summer. I through in crop tops, jeans and short, lots of shoes, bathing suits, and all the bathroom essentials including make up.

I took a quick shower, jumped out and ran to my closet. After I was dressed I brushed my long brown hair and admired the bleach blonde tips. I quickly tore off my glasses then struggled to put my contacts on my brown eyes without hurting myself.

When I was done packing I threw a piece of gum in my mouth and ran to the car.

It was just me and Kalie the whole summer and I was excited for that. It's the first time our parents are giving us freedom because I just turned 18 and Kalie had been for a while.

I hopped in the passenger seat and Kalie drove. "So..." I said "what?" She answered back "I don't know, this trip was your idea." I pointed out. "Oh trust me you'll have of fun." She said,

I blew a bubble with my gum and Kalie put out her finger and popped it.

After a while of just sitting I put the radio on k101 and turned up the volume. From the radio I heard familiar voices. "So boys, how are you enjoying America?" Someone said "it's nice, were headed to Massachusetts, so that will be fun." A husky voice exclaimed. I then knew exactly who was being interviewed...

My mouth dropped "we have to go and see them." I said, we are headed to mass, that's where we are going camping. "You got the money?" Kalie asked "No, sadly I spent it on those concert tickets you burned..."

"Well it was nice having you one direction boys on the show, see you soon." The interviewer said as a one direction song came on.

Kalie turned the channel to 98.3 not wanting to hear that song and I put my head phones in and connected them to my phone. I turned it on and Louis face popped up, he was my background. I unlocked my phone and turned on one directions song "summer love."


As we pulled into the campground i looked around. I had never been camping before so I was excited, but still mad at Kalie for what she did. I spotted pools and a hot tub, fields for games, courts for volley ball and tennis, and lots of trails for people to walk.

When we reached the spot we had reserved we set up two tents one for each of us and unpacked most of our stuff.

"I'm going to go look around" I said to Kalie "want me to come with?" She asked "nah, u stay here, I'll be back in an hour or less." She nodded and I headed to the first walking trail I spotted earlier. I was walking for about 30 minutes when i saw a small river running along the trail. I took my flip flops off and walked along the rocks scattered in the river.

I heard a crunch of leaves behind me and turned around expecting to see something. I saw a head if hair duck behind a tree but concluded it was either an animal or my imagination.

I heard a twig snap and began to feel a little nervous. I stepped out of the river back onto the path and grabbed my shoes heading out.

About 30 minutes later I was at the end of the path. I was walking past the field to my campsite and saw a guy about 19 or 20 kicking a soccer ball around by himself. I walked a little closer to him "need a partner?" I asked. He looked up and he was wearing sun glasses. He was also wearing a big hoodie and it was over 90 degrees. I put my hand over my eyes shielding them from the bright sun, but when I took it away he was gone.


"Kalie!" I yelled. I walked over to her tent and glanced in, she was napping... Perfect opportunity.

I jumped on her and she screamed horrified but on the bright side, I woke her up. "Why?" She screamed at me "thought it would be funny." I said back. She laughed and patted the spot next to her and I sat down.

~Oceans Dream~

I was walking in the woods alone again. I only had on a bikini and I couldn't find my cloths or my phone. I gave up looking and kept walking down the path further and further.

It felt like I had been walking for hours when I tripped, and fell into someone's arms. I stepped back and looked at the man standing in front of me. "Thanks for catching me, and by the way I'm Ocean" I said looking at the him, he just nodded. It was the guy from the field wearing the same creepy sunglasses and hoodie. "Who are you?" I asked. He chuckled and I noticed how vaguely familiar it was. "My name is...-"

I woke up drenched in sweat- wait, not sweat, water. I looked up and saw Kalie standing there laughing her ass off. "Real funny, but it's your tent that's All wet now" I said to her. She fell silent and I chuckled walking over to my tent. "I'm going back to bed, goodnight!" I said closing the zipper. "But it's only 11:00pm!" Kalie whined "exactly, goodnight!" I said laying down.

That night I didn't have Anymore dreams, but I couldn't stop thinking about the mysterious sunglasses guy. Maybe I'll see him tomorrow I thought as I closed my eyes, drifting off.

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