Summer Love

Kalie and Ocean are two regular girls. But when Kalie wants to go camping,Ocean has no choice but to accept.
When ocean decides to go on a walk she bumps into Louis tomilson, but what happens when she has no idea it's him? And what will happen when she meets the rest of the band? Will Ocean possibly have the the best summer ever?


8. Secrets

Chapter 8- secrets

Niles Pov.

I woke up with Ocean Frail body still wrapped in my arms. She looks so helpless when she was sleeping. I slowly reached my Arm out and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. She stirred a little and mumbled something inaudible.

I laid for a while longer just studying her face. Today's the day I can make her mine.

I stood up clumsily and stumbled out of the tent. As I walked over to the picnic tables I noticed only Louis and Zayn were awake. As I sat down zayn placed some food in front of me, he always made sure everyone had eaten, and they called Liam daddy direction?

"Morning"I mumbled stuffing the contents of the plate into my mouth. "morning" Zayn responded as Louis mumbled something under his breath Refusing to look at me.

I quickly finished my food and took care of the plate before sitting back on next to Louis. He shot me an irritated look, "what's wrong, mate?" I asked as I looked at him. "nothing" he mumbled, standing up and walking way.

"what's up with him?"I asked Zayn. "I don't know, he's been acting weird, ever since you started dating ocean" he responded, hinting towards the word ocean. "okay?" I said as I realized he probably likes her.

I was surprisingly calm as I continue to glance around. "where's Kalie?" I asked as I was curious to know she stayed last night, Ocean stayed with me so I figured…

"she left, went back to her camp site." Zayn responded, sounding a bit disappointed. He sighed "you like her right?" I asked him "yeah, a lot, but I'm not sure if she feels the same, she doesn't like the band" Zayn answered sounding disappointed again. "Ocean doesn't like the band, but look at us" I said trying to get him to cheer up. "That's why you're her background, right?" He chuckled. "Louis's her background?" I said as more of a question. Jealousy finally raged inside me thinking that Louis was still her background. "check her phone, I tried to tell you yesterday, but she looked like she was about to bite my head off."

with that I headed back to the tent in search of her phone.

I unzipped the opening inclined into see her sitting wide-awake scrolling through her phone.

"You're awake" I said on unenthusiastically. "you don't sound happy" she responded with a slight frown. "i'm happy" I said falling onto the air mattress and wrapping my arms around her. "let me go!" She giggled loudly. I tickled her and her phone fell. I grabbed it without her knowing and tickled her with my other hand. Her eyes were glued shut and she laughed continuously. "stop!" She managed to say through laughs.

I stoped tickling her and she opened her eyes immediately spotting her phone, in my hand. "give me my phone!" She yelled, sounding a bit angry. Her eyes widened as I pressed the power button and I come up? I was her background?

I jumped up and ran out of the tent. I heard footsteps behind me and when I glanced back Ocean was chasing me.

I stopped dead in my tracks and Ocean bumped into me. I got a firm hold of her before she fell and she regained her balance while giving me the death stare. I handed her the phone and noticed everyone staring guess they woke up? "Why?" She said glaring at me angrily. "ask Zayn" I said picking her up by her waist. "Nice background" I smirked and she glared over at Zayn, who now looked scared shitless. She wrapped her legs around me and smiled as I sat down at the picnic table with her on my lap.

Oceans pov.

Zayn placed a plate in front of me piled high with food. "Not hungry" I said as Niall took a bite. "you" Zayn said pointing at Niall "already ate." Zayn picked up the plate and Niall whined. I kissed his cheek and he smiled again.

"where's Louis?" Harry asked and my smile disappeared, thinking of how he kissed me. Zayn and Niall shrugged As Niall caught a glimpse of my dismay. He gave me a questioning look and I jumped off his lap feeling regretful. "I have to get back to my campsite, find Kalie." I said walking away. "Wait?" Niall yelled. I quickly kissed him and left. How are my so lucky?

I walked up to the path and spotted Kalie. She was sitting out one of our picnic tables talking to someone.

I ducked behind a large tree trying to eavesdrop on the conversation. "You should tell her" kalie said. "she's dating Niall" A familiar British accent said. "you were her favorite" kalie pointed out. "Yes, was, her favorite, as in, not anymore" The boy said. "well maybe if you tell her who you are, and-" she was about to finish when I lost hold of the tree and tripped showing myself Louis and Kalie stared at me and I wondered why they were talking together. "hey…" I said standing up and regaining my balance. "well, I should be going" Louis said quickly and scurried away.

When he was out of earshot Katie stared me with wide eyes, "how much did you hear?" She asked. "enough… If I only knew who he was?" I whispered the last part. "moving on," kalie said and as much as I wanted to know why she said that, or why Louis was talking to her, out of anyone, I let it go.

"okay,… What's up?" I asked trying to move on. "can you teach me about one direction?" She blurted out. "what?" I said confused and she repeated her question. "sure, but first, what's talk about you and Zayn!" I said nudging her shoulder. She blushed and quickly looked away. "how come you didn't stay the night with him?" I asked nudging her again. "I… I just…, I don't know, I got nervous." She explained. "well he missed you earlier." "moving on…" she said a bit harshly.

"Fine, why do you want to learn about one direction?" I questioned and Kalie shrugged. "well, I'm dating a member and I barely know all their names." I nodded, "and…" I said. "and… I'm curious, there's so much stuff out there and I know none of it. " she explained. "well then let's go find the boys, "I said standing up. "later, let's go to the hot tub, "she said standing up and pointing.

I laughed and went into my tent to change I slept in my clothes last night and I feel a mess.

I changed out of the dirty clothes throwing them in the corner and put on a black bikini top and pink bottom, I pulled on high waisted jeans and a tank.

"let's go" I said grabbing Kalie's arm as I see she changed also, and we walked off.

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