Summer Love

Kalie and Ocean are two regular girls. But when Kalie wants to go camping,Ocean has no choice but to accept.
When ocean decides to go on a walk she bumps into Louis tomilson, but what happens when she has no idea it's him? And what will happen when she meets the rest of the band? Will Ocean possibly have the the best summer ever?


16. Recover

Chapter 16 - Recover

Louis pov.

I held on to Ocean for what felt like forever, but I never brought myself to remove my arms from around her. Ocean had her face buried in my chest as I stroked her hair and rested my chin in the top of her head. I heard her quiet sobs become quieter and quieter, until they dissapeared and we sat on the ground In silence.

I didn't want to say anything to upset or bother her, so I kept quiet. I stroked her hair, as she kept her face hidden.

Eventually she started shifting below me, and I unwrapped my arms from around her, and propped her up to face me.

"Can we do something?" She asked. I didn't know what she meant, so I asked her.

"Like what?"

"I'm not sure, just something to get my mind off of things" she explained, drawing her knees into her chest.

"We could... Go swimming?" I suggested. She frowned and shrugged.

"Is there anything out off the campground that we could do?" She asked, looking up at me with wide eyes.

"We could go laser tagging, or we could - "

"What time is it?" I asked, cutting him off.

"Around 2:00" I answered after checking my phone screen.

"I think I'm going to just go back to my campsite and take a nap" she answered. I respected that, but I felt a longing to keep her wrapped in my arms. I guess she still wasn't really mine, and Niall is an idiot for cheating on her.

"Alright, just call me if you need anything" I smiled. I grabbed her hand in mine, quickly helping her up. She kissed my cheek lightly, and we separated, going in two different directions.

And I was going to kill him, I was going To kill Niall. He hurt an innocent girl! A girl that he knew firm the beginning that I had feelings for!

I paced quickly back to the campsite, finding Kalie and Zayn fighting over a snore they had most likely just made. I would have stopped and teased them, or said hello, if I wasn't so pissed.

I unzipped Niall's tent, finding him miserably crying into a pillow, how pathetic! How can he cheat on his girlfriend then cry about her dumping him?

I grabbed him by the collar of his T-Shirt, and heaved him up and out of the tent. I took in his appearance before deciding to pummel him. His face was red, and his cheeks stained with tears. His eyes were also red and puffy, and I could tell he was a mess.

"What the actual fuck!" I screamed extremely pissed at him.

This got Zayn's attention. He looked back, with Kalie, both completely clueless. He stood up and ran over, but I was too quick to let him pull me off Niall. I punched Niall square in the face, watching blood spew out as he collapsed on the ground.

Zayn immediately pulled me back with extreme force, as Niall clutched his nose on the ground, and Kalie gasped clueless once more. I didn't care if Niall was one of my best mates at the moment, he did something that hurt the girl I loved.

*authors note*

Hey guys!

Sorta a filler. I have major writers block, and I'm trying to come up with something! Please comment and tell me what you want to happen? I might use your suggestions!

Thanks so much for the patience - ReBizier

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