Summer Love

Kalie and Ocean are two regular girls. But when Kalie wants to go camping,Ocean has no choice but to accept.
When ocean decides to go on a walk she bumps into Louis tomilson, but what happens when she has no idea it's him? And what will happen when she meets the rest of the band? Will Ocean possibly have the the best summer ever?


10. Complications

Chapter 10 - Complications

Oceans pov.

"That was crazy!" I basically screamed as we crawled out of the water. "see, I told you, you could trust me," Louis chuckled as he nudged me. "well, thank you," I said shyly as I Hugged him. Louis smirked and looked away "no problem, but let's head back to camp, Niall must miss you bye now," Louis said hinting towards the word Niall. "Come on, we have a long way back to camp!" I yelled racing up the hill. I heard Louis's footsteps behind me and laughed as we continue to race.


We continued to laugh together as Louis ran ahead of me and into the boys camp site. "no fair, you cheated!" I yelled as I bumped into Zayn. "I did not cheat, I beat you fair and square! Admit it!" He yelled as he helped me regain my balance. I stuck my tongue out at Louis, and Zayn looked like a lost child.

"don't ask" I said as he nodded not wanting to figure it out.

"Where's Kalie?" He asked instead. "with Harry" Louis responded casually as Zayn looked bit angry. "why?" He questioned. "revenge" I answered this time, and again his face filled with confusion.

"she'll be back soon" Louis said as I followed him to sit at the picnic tables. Zayn sat after us and I couldn't help but wonder what Harry and Kalie were doing. did he throw her in a lake, or worse? As I thought deeper about this, another thought came into mind

"where are the other guys?" I asked no one in particular. "well…" Louis started, "you know where Harry and Kalie are, I am here, so is Zayn, Niall's out somewhere, and I'm not sure about Liam. "

"hand me a spoon" I said, thinking of how I could find out where Liam was. "why?" Zayn Asked slowly and hesitantly as he handed me a spoon.

I held it tightly as I stood up and walked over to Liam's tent. I felt Zayn and Louis's eyes burning through me as I unzipped the tent door. I threw the spoon in and ran back to the picnic table waiting for a response.

"What the..." I heard Liam stir as I guessed he was noticing the spoon I threw in. All three of us quickly heard a shriek as Liam stumbled out of his tent horrified.

A stream of cursewords pooled from his mouth as Zayns mouth dropped open. "daddy direction!" He gasped While Louis covered my ears. "There's a lady present!"

"It's a dangerous utensil." Liam muttered darkly.

I stared at him in mock shock. " dude… It's a spoon." "So?" "how is somebody going to spoon you to death?" I said as Louis burst out laughing. "do you realize what you just said?"

I slapped my hand over my mouth. "I didn't- I didn't mean-"

"it's okay, ocean. We know what you meant." Zane said patting my shoulder. I glared at him. Movie was still laughing hysterically "spooning! You're going to be spooned to death!"

"oh go spoon your pigeon." I said. he instantly turned serious "never. Call. Kevin. A. pigeon!" He annunciated.

"I can't believe Harry and Kalie are here to see this." Liam said through his laughter.

Kalies pov.

"Harry! Harry, stop!" I said, struggling to keep my laughter at a minimal.

"you can't prank me and get away with it!" He said, tickling me to the ground.

"Ocean Pranked You to!" I tried to roll out of his grasp but he sat nearly on top of me and tickled his fingers across my sides.

" i'm sorry! I won't prank you ever again!"


"yes! Yes!" I gasped and he stopped. I took a deep breath and threw my arms and legs out as though I was making a snow angel. I rolled my head back and stuck out my tongue to look like I was dead.

Harry laughed "come on. We should get back." He held out his hand for me to take, and I grabbed it and pulled myself up.

"your heavy" he said, rubbing his arm.

"Shut it!" I slapped the arm he was holding.

He laughed and started walking in the direction of camp.

"did Louis get ocean?" I asked.

He smirked, "of course he did."

"what are you saying?"

"nothing" he said, quickly.

"you know he likes her, Huh?" I said, on the verge of skipping down the path.

"Who doesn't know?" He said and I laughed.


When we got back to camp, everyone was laughing like mad.

"what's going on?" I asked. Zayn looked at me and stoped laughing, as he glared at Harry.

"spoons… Kevin…" Ocean gasped out.

"spooning Kevin!" Louis laughed.

"Okay…" Harry said, just as confused as I was.


Oceans pov.

after a bit of talking it began to grow dark and everyone had returned except Niall.

It was about 7:30 PM when he finally did turn up. He had a small white rose in his hands. He glided over to us slowly, with his eyes glued to mine.

"Ocean" he said. Standing over me. I stood up so we were Eye level, and he handed me the small white rose.

"Yes" I asked quieter than I had intended. "would you accompany me for a walk?"

"yes" I mumbled again, my face turning red.

"Ooooh!" I heard Harry Sing.

"Shut up." I glared at him. Niall held out his hand. I took it and walked with him onto the trail.

"where are we going?" I asked, as everyone disappeared behind us. "it's a surprise" he smiled. "how clique" I murmured. He laughed and let me along. We stayed in a comfortable silence the rest of the walk.

Finally, we reached a white gazebo with lampposts surrounding it. Niall me through the screen door into a small candlelit table. My mouth dropped open. On the table had spaghetti and long pieces of buttered bread.

"did you make all of this?" I asked. He smiled and shrugged. Then he pulled out the chair in front of me and I sat down. He sat down across the table from me.

"this is lovely" I said smiling.

"Ocean, I've know we kind of had this unofficial thing between us. But, um, I was wondering if… Would you be my girlfriend… Officially?" He stumbled over his words nervously. I smiled widely. "of course." Niall's face grew relieved. "well then. Shall we eat?"


After we finished the meal, we walked hand-in-hand back to the campsite. "thank you" I told him, as we neared his campsite. "no problem" he mumbled, a bit embarrassed. I loved seeing him blush, as an Irish boy, it was quite adorable.

"the love birds are back!" Harry yelled and I glared at him again, but he didn't see because he's too busy smirking at Louis, maniacally. Louis shuffled in his seat as me and Niall walked over slowly and sat down on a log in front of the fire. As me and Niall were beside each other, Kalie was also beside me and Harry was beside Niall with Andrea.

"Psst!" Kalie whispered bit loudly. I lifted my head off of Niall's shoulder and gave her a , what the hell do you want? Stare.

"what happened?" She questioned whispering in my ear. "he asked me to be his girlfriend" I told her. She nodded, with a sly smile spreading across her face.

Kalie then leaned her head close to Zayn and whispered something. I ignored their giggling. And rested my head back on Niall's shoulder. Niall snaked his arms around my waist and kissed my four head as Zayn stood up and coughed, gaining everyone's attention.

"I have an announcement to make" he said quite loud. Everyone but Harry and Andrea turned to look, as they were too busy snogging. "Ehm!" He coughed again, trying to receive everyone's attention. They didn't hear much as Zayn walked over and snapped his fingers in both their ears. "what?!" Harry yelled breaking away from Andrea.

"I have an announcement" he repeated. "It seems…" he started, pausing to gain suspense. I had the least bit of idea what he was doing, but was interested in what he was going on about.

"Niall and Rebecca, now have the boyfriend-girlfriend status" he finished, and my mouth dropped open, while I feel a burning sensation on my cheeks. I didn't dare look at anyone's reaction, but could guess they were laughing.

"let's celebrate, we have ice cream!" Harry yelled as I slowly removed my eyes from Niall's shoulder to my friends in front of me. Kalie was smiling maniacally, Liam and shrugged and agreed to the ice cream, Louis had an empty expression on his face, showing no emotions, Zayn looked like he wanted to burst out laughing, and Harry and Andrea had returned to snogging.

Zayn went to get ice cream for everybody and Kalie kept nudging me. I ignored her, before a thought popped into my mind.

"I also have an announcement" I said loudly, at least loud enough, that Harry and Andrea paid attention. "yesterday… Kalie told me, she would like to get to know one direction… Not the guys, but the rumors, and Fan base" I stayed seated through this, as everyone burst out laughing when I was finished.

Zayn return, the least bit aware of what I had just told everyone. Kalie's face was still red as Zayn handed out bowls.

Liam of course with a fork, not, a spoon. I glanced at my bowl when it came around, and I did have a spoon. I don't know why but it felt weird to eat with one teen though I always have. I shuffled my feet as I stared at my bowl, this afternoon's happenings reoccurring in my head.

"What's wrong?" Niall asked sweetly. I waved my hand for Zayn to come over and he approach me, "Zayn... May I pleeeeeeeassssse have a fork?" I begged drawing out the word please. He gazed at me with an odd expression and nodded, "May I ask why?" He said. "no reason" I answered.

He handed it to me and I stood up and moved to sit next to Liam. "Showing my support, I have a few strange fears myself" I whispered a bit embarrassed. "Like what?" He asked coyly. "like I am going to tell you," I said standing and returning to my seat next to Kalie, and Niall.

"so back to Kalie's little fiasco…" Harry said naturally. Keep me scowled at him and looks down as Zayn wrapped a protective arm around her shoulder. "woo! I know!" I yelled. I remember always having heard rumors about Larry stylinson around school and in the tabloids, but what did they think about it?

"what?" Harry groaned, knowing it wouldn't be pleasant. Harry's face went pale, and Louis burst out laughing. Kalies face filled with wonder, and everyone else was on the verge of laughter.

"What is Lory stulin?" Kalie asked with confusion in her voice. "Larry stylinson, is a ship name for Harry and Louis" using said Delaughter. Kalie started giggling and looked back-and-forth from Louis and Harry for an explanation.

"that is a stupid rumor" Harry mumbled while Andrea gave him a sympathetic look and wrapped her arms around him.

"oh, come on haz!" Louis said standing up and tackling Harry. "Louis! Get off me!" He yelled trying to push Louis off. Eventually Louis gave up and stood up walking back over to his spot next to Liam.

"thoughts?" I asked no one in particular. "That's hilarious!" Kalie yelled while Harry shrugged. "we might be close, but we're not that close." Harry mumbled.

"oh don't worry! There's also Narry, Liall, and Zarry!" I said to Kalie. Everyone looked back-and-forth at each other in embarrassment. "Well... Now there is Neacen, and zalie" Harry said trying to play off the whole Larry stylinson scene.

"and… What about the fact that Zayn can't swim, Louis has a pet pigeon, Liam's afraid of spoons, and Niall dyes his hair," I said, ruffling Niall's hair as I giggled.

"you can't swim?" Kalie asked in a shocked tone. "no…" Zayn muttered silently. "And you're afraid of spoons… Spoons!" Kalie laughed at Liam.

"I told you before, it is Kevin, not a pigeon!" Louis yelled.

"whatever" I said to him as everyone laughed.

"how do you know all of this? I thought you weren't a directioner?" Harry asked smirking. I shrugged embarrassed as Harry eyed me.

"so, do you know enough now?" Harry asked a bit annoyed.

"I don't know…" kalie said through laughter.


The rest of the night went on with more laughter as we all enjoyed our ice cream and sat by the fire.

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