Cali Girl

You are leaving! This is just tour to you, all I am is a girl that caught your eye. Trust me you don't want to know me, so just be good and forget about me.


5. Chapter 4

I was about to walk home until I heard Ellie laughing I turned towards her and noticed it was one of those boys. I just rolled my eyes and decided to walk home. I felt someone run beside me I looked over and seen the guy I danced with. We made small talk until I walked up to my door. I was about to open the door when I heard him say you're going to see a lot more of me. I looked at him confused he smiled at my confused face. He told me that I was going to win because he was now my good luck charm. I told him ok I'll see you tomorrow morning then. It was his turn to look confused I smiled and said you're helping me train in the morning I always train with my good luck charm before a competition in a duh tone. I told him goodnight before walking into my house. I smiled at the ground, when I looked up I saw my dad looking at me. He looked surprised instead of angry. I kissed him on the cheek before walking to my room. I took a shower and decided sleep would be good for a champion.

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