Cali Girl

You are leaving! This is just tour to you, all I am is a girl that caught your eye. Trust me you don't want to know me, so just be good and forget about me.


3. Chapter 3

She grabbed my arm and started dragging me to her house literally dragging me. We walked in her house I was greeted by her mom. I waved hello to her as I was still being drug upstairs. She sat me down on a chair and started throwing clothes on me it was a white dress. It was really cute but I had no shoes I then got pelted with a pair of black converse. I rubbed my head and pouted she just laughed and told me to get dressed. I put the dress and shoes on I hopped to her because I was still putting a shoe on. She curled my hair while I did my makeup. I walked out of the bathroom and around the corner. I heard Mrs. Jones talking to guests I walked downstairs and all eyes were on me. I walked over to her and asked her if she needed help all you can hear is music. I smiled as one guy stood out to me. Probably because I yelled at him earlier. It was a party and did I mention Ellie and her family are half Latino so I kinda adapted. I walked over to the one with brown eyes he was looking around when he noticed me walking towards him he smiled I just rolled my eyes and asked me if he wanted to dance. He looked me up and down and grabbed my hand we danced for what felt like forever it was amazing. I looked at Ellie she was smiling like a fool. I walked over to her when we both got squashed in a hug. We we're let down, I looked up to see Mr. Jones. My eyes grew wide I looked at her and smiled we tackled him to the ground we laughed while everyone was laughing. We helped him up we both started talking about my competition tomorrow everyone needs to come. They all gave us a thumbs up I just laughed and said good see you then.

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