Cali Girl

You are leaving! This is just tour to you, all I am is a girl that caught your eye. Trust me you don't want to know me, so just be good and forget about me.


2. Chapter 2

The day went on as to me I trained approximately 7 hours. I'm tired and hungry I decided to go for ice cream with my best friend just to give my dad a break. I pulled my wet suit to where it was on my hips I didn't feel like driving so I grabbed my skateboard and met her there. I rode to the little shack nearly tripping seeing Ellie. She laughed when she saw me I hugged her tight. We ordered ice cream and just talked. I looked out the corner of my eye I saw the boys from the beach. I turned back to Ellie telling her I will be back. I walked over to toes boys they looked at me laughing. My eyes grew wide as I yelled what are you staking me or something. They looked at me saying do you know who we are as the one talking took a step towards me. I smirked at him, telling him I don't care who you are taking a step towards them I gave a deathly glare and walked back to El. She looked at me with wide eyes hitting me in the arm saying they were hot why are you being a total butthole I rolled my eyes at her telling her I have more training to do. She let an exaggerated sigh I just laughed at her dragging her to the beach with me. She was like my lucky charm when it comes to my big competitions. She stopped to catch her breath when she she smiled at me creepily she screamed there is going to be a party at my house I want to come my papa is coming home and he loves so I don't care if I have to drag to my house you are going. I started going on about the competition it's tomorrow I need to train. She mumbled I guess dragging you is my only option.

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