Cali Girl

You are leaving! This is just tour to you, all I am is a girl that caught your eye. Trust me you don't want to know me, so just be good and forget about me.


1. Chapter 1

Honey, your dad is calling you for some training before competition. I ran downstairs as soon as I heard her with all my gear set up. I grabbed an apple, kissed her bye, meeting my dad outside. I smiled at the man in the light blue jeep honking the horn impatiently, I slid my board in the back and jumped in the passenger seat turning up the radio blaring it around this little town. We pulled up at the beach it was really quiet all you hear is the radio and the waves crashing against the shore. I walked down the beach to pier I heard my dad call out something. I threw my board over the edge and jumped in after it, the waves were slow at first but I pedaled out further the waves were bigger. I smiled as I found the perfect wave. I was going up when I noticed people walking along the beach it was 5 boys I ended up loosing the wave. My dad looked angry as soon as I walked to shore he started yelling, I looked at him and said sorry I got distracted it won't happen again. He sighed and said Maria this competition is important you can go to nationals please don't let anything distract you. I told him yes sir I asked him if we could eat then train more. We say at a little diner I ordered a burger, fries, and a vanilla milkshake I smiled at my daddy, telling him thank you. I looked around while we waited on our food I noticed the same boys walking by I made eye contact with one he had brown eyes. I looked away realizing our food was here.

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