my dirty confession

A nice loving story about kittens. and Puppies. and Babies.


1. cats in da barn

~~as you walk into serialkilling101, (a nice little store on the corner of imakiller and istalkyou )  you have a strong urge creep over you. kill kill kill.

the little voice echoes in your head. its getting louder. KILL KILL KILL

I go into my favorite coffee shop ( Starblood ) And get myself some mochabloodcapp. mmmmmmmmmmmmm. yummy.

I walk outside into the sunlight. I see a nice young girl. must kill. must kill.

THE VOICE. ITS COMING BACK!!!!!1111!!11!1121111!

i take a knife out.

and then i stab the sidewalk.

i walk away.















HOPE YOU ENJOYED1!111!!!!!11!1

this was written by me(:

Have a nice day

and remember...

im always watching(:

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